Market Insight

Most search intelligence tools monitor a pre-defined, static list of keywords. These are known as keyword tools. Adthena is different. We are the only market-driven intelligence tool for search. Our patented algorithm detects and monitors your relevant search landscape from scratch, including keywords you didn’t know were out there, or perhaps could not afford to track in a keyword tool.

Market Insight
So what’s the difference between the two, and why should you pick a market tool over a keyword tool?

  • Complete market awareness – benchmark SEM performance accurately by measuring competitor spend & traffic on all keywords, not just a small proportion of your own
  • Gap analysis – use Adthena to uncover the keywords that you are missing and that you would not have known to monitor in the first place

  • Dynamic keyword set – as we don’t rely on a static list, Adthena can detect new keywords, competitors and seasonal changes before it’s too late
  • No keyword restrictions – we monitor all your relevant keywords, whereas keyword tools charge for each additional keyword



Search advertising is an immensely competitive industry, with large and small businesses alike competing against one another across every keyword auction. The strategy of your closest competitors could be make-or-break for your campaign performance and yet, due to the lack of relevant, easily accessible data, many advertisers fail to properly track these ongoing battles at all.

Adthena uncovers all of your competitor data from your search landscape, making head-to-head analysis easy, actionable and effective:

  • Gap analysis – identify what is performing for your competitors that you are missing
  • SEM Market trends – closely track your battle for share of voice, traffic and spend efficiencies with your closest competitors

  • Ad comparison – easily compare your top ads and ad strategies across keywords and the latest competing offers
  • Category performance – granular analysis of particular keyword groups to compare search strategies at every level of your business

Ad Copy Analysis

Competitor ad copy is a vast resource for strategic insight, largely untapped by major advertisers. Adthena makes it easy to extract this data, with comprehensive ad copy reports analysed by traffic, date or keyword (complete with traffic, position and spend estimates).

Ad copy analysis
With these reports you can identify emerging themes, ad copy testing behaviours and opportunities in your market:

  • Identify opportunities for differentiation (themes which are under or over-utilised  by your competition)
  • What are the best ads in my market and how do mine compare

  • Seasonal ad copy trends and how they relate to the top performing advertisers
  • Ad copy trend charts – see your competitor’s ad copy tests laid out through time and learn from their ideas & mistakes

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Your brand and trademarks are your most valuable assets, and it is essential for your businesses success to protect them from brand infringements. The most common paid search brand abuses are the use of your brand by competitors, Affiliates or other third party advertisers.

Adthena’s automated Brand Monitoring Reports help you to identify everyone who is bidding on your brand and trademark terms in their search marketing campaigns. It provides detailed infringement evidence helping you to take further action:

  • Protect your Brand online – automated Brand Infringement Reports for efficient brand protection
  • Reporting – Keywords, adcopy, domain, time & date and estimated impact
  • Options – Filter, allow/exclude, export evidence, date range selection, automated reporting

  • Scale – Global monitoring, millions of keywords, 10’s of millions of pages, 24/7
  • Detailed documentation – the evidence at your fingertips making it easier to take further actions
  • Savings -millions and millions of £,$ and € saved for our clients

Automated Reports

Adthena saves you loads of time with a fully automated suite of competitor reports. Keep track of all aspects of competitor activity and what you should do about it with reports delivered daily, weekly or monthly.


  • More than 100 different reports available
  • Brand and trademark Infringements
  • Save, reuse and automate custom filters
  • Client / stakeholder reports
  • Download and integrate any report with external reporting systems
  • Specific category reports (e.g. keyword or competitor groups)