Adthena’s Data Explained

This is a quick and easy guide to understanding Adthena’s data and for getting the best out of your Adthena reports.


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Cruise Market Ad Copy Insights

The online cruise market in the UK is a highly competitive market space. We have taken it on ourselves to identify the top trends in search advertising for the industry and deliver you a practical list of best practices to apply to your own PPC campaigns.


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Gearing up for Christmas and Black Friday

Using 2015/16 data we set out to identify the top search terms, trends, offers,messaging and USPs to take learnings for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 16/17 season.


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6 Ways to Outsmart Your Competition in AdWords

Outsmarting your competition in AdWords is a daunting task. It requires you to go beyond more common optimisation strategies and look at new ways of improving your campaigns. In this white paper we look at 6 potential opportunities for you to improve your search marketing performance and get ahead of your competition.


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Epic PPC Fails and how to avoid them

Epic PPC Fails and how to Avoid Them

Although PPC and search marketing are both vital to a company’s success, it’s amazing (and amusing) to see the massive mistakes some brands still make today.
We’re going to take a look at some of the silliest sponsored search errors of the last few years, and offer some advice about how to avoid them.


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How Brand Infringement Can Harm Your Brand

Although in many respects, brands are intangible, at the same time, a strong brand provides very tangible success for your company.This white paper will set the stage for what PPC brand infringement means for practically any company, and will show you how to deal with it from the start.


Find out how to protect your most valuable asset – your brand!

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The Art of Search – Applying the lessons of ancient Chinese wisdom to modern search

We dive deep into search strategies of different industries such as Telco, Fashion and Gambling. Analysing how the latest developments and trends in search such as Mobile can be mastered with timeless strategic principles to give you an edge over your competition.

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Search Marketing Effectiveness Vol.2: PPC & SEO: Finding the Integration Sweet Spot

With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) becoming a harder nut to crack, businesses increasingly depend on Pay Per Click (PPC) to boost their brand. However, companies don’t need to use the two independently to successfully market themselves.

In some cases, they can both serve as essential ingredients in the larger Search Engine Marketing (SEM) recipe for success.

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Search Marketing Effectiveness Vol.1: SEO & PPC Integration

SEO’s are from Mars and PPC teams’ are from Venus. Most of the time, the two teams are kept separate from each other and find themselves in different
parts of the building or are even based in different cities or countries. If SEM is not managed in-house it is not unusual to have the two disciplines managed by different agencies.

But are they really so far away from each other; should we handle them like different disciplines? Do they really come from different planets in the SEM solar system?

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Introduction to CI

Introduction to Competitive Intelligence for Search

Competitive Intelligence for Search can be defined as knowledge and foresight of strategies in the external search environment. Market-Driven competitive intelligence solutions enable enterprises to monitor their whole market without keyword restrictions.

The ultimate goal of all competitive intelligence processes is to facilitate these unique insights into decision-making that leads to actions and measurable results.

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