Brand Protection

Guard your most valuable asset

You’ve worked hard to build up your brand.

We’ll help you protect that equity in paid search by monitoring all trademark infringements and automatically taking them down. Safeguard your brand search ads from competitive hijacking with our unique and robust Brand Protection solution.

Cover your assets

Catch 10x more infringements

You’ve risen to the top of the search rankings. But if your trademarks and brand equity aren’t protected in search, competitors could be stealing valuable clicks from you.

Adthena’s Brand Protection solution lets you continually map and monitor all competitive and partner activity around your brand terms, meaning you can efficiently respond to trademark infringements. 

Get hands-on and see how the Infringement Tracker works in our self-guided demo.

Monitor your brand health in search

Brand Radar

  • An instant overview of your most-important brand protection metrics.
  • Quickly assess brand health and monitor reputation & performance metrics.
  • Visualize competitor strategies to analyze & understand their tactics at a glance.
  • Dive deep into competitive bidding activity with hour-by-hour granularity.
  • Gain detailed insights into your competitors’ actions.

See every competitor move

Performance Analysis

  • Analyze performance against your top 5 competitors ranked by share of clicks.
  • Easily compare key performance metrics against your competitors, such as Average SERP Position and share of clicks, impressions, and spend.
  • Access Competitor Dashboards for each rival and view key performance metrics for relevant search terms.
  • Explore competitor performance over the previous 7 days across multiple search terms.
  • Combat rivals moves in the market and shape your strategy for success.

The leading Brand Protection solution on the market

Your competitors never sleep when it comes to swiping your brand clicks. Luckily, our Brand Protection solution doesn’t sleep either. We’ve got you covered.

Whole Market View Make Decisions and boost ROI
Smart Monitor Get automatic alerts to brand threats
Auto Takedown Protect trademarks, save time & effort
Ad Hijacking Keep those pesky hijackers away

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