Ad Copy Analysis

We capture every ad in your market to give you the edge

Your competitors’ ads provide a window into their market strategies and positioning. With the ability to track, analyze, and benchmark digital ad copy on a market-wide scale, you gain a powerful business advantage online.

What do your competitors’ digital ads say about their wider marketing strategies? Which ads perform best and why? For advertisers who want to capitalize on this intelligence, Adthena’s AI-powered Ad Copy Analysis solution puts the answers at your fingertips – on an unmatched scale.


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Complete competitive ad visibility with the Whole Market View™

No other competitive intelligence solution offers the ability to analyze digital ads on the scale and scope that Adthena does. Granular, customizable reports give you insights you can act on daily to inform your campaigns and overall strategy:

  • Gain vital intelligence every day on competitors’ digital strategies, campaigns, and messaging
  • High-frequency data collection gives you a day-to-day understanding of competitor campaigns and tactical shifts
  • Leverage rich historic datasets and in-depth analysis of competitive messaging, offers, and CTAs for every player in your market space
  • Track changes to competitor campaigns or positioning to identify emerging threats and opportunities
  • Benchmark and optimize every aspect of your ads for performance


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New Market Discovery for Towergate Insurance

“Adthena’s data has been invaluable for research and planning search campaigns. We often need to map out and analyse new and specialist insurance markets – and with Adthena’s data we can gain a thorough understanding of the space which informs our decision making.”

Keith Mowbray Head of Digital Marketing, Towergate Insurance

Adthena’s Smart Monitor

Why believe us?

Adthena Smart Monitor ensures you timely react to market shifts using automated granular analysis of thousands of search term groups across
your Whole Market View.

  • Adthena delivers fully automated search event detection across all your search term groups (market segments) without the need for additional configuration, eliminating manual work.
  • Adthena Smart Monitor is designed so that trends are gradually refined as more data becomes available.
  • It provides customizable alerts letting you know every day or week movements across your competitors and search term groups you care for.
  • It delivers deep data analysis behind any event to understand what caused a market shift and take a fully informed action.
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See Adthena’s ad copy analysis in action