A Day in the… Adthena Life

What do you do at Adthena?

I’m a Senior Customer Success Manager and I’ve been working here just over nine months.

What’s your favorite thing about working for Adthena?

It’s several different things. I like working for a start up, because I do think that things change quite quickly. The product is also really good. Clients like it, it’s disruptive, and still developing. It means I get to focus on the positive rather than putting out fires all the time.

Tell us about your background and what you were doing before you started here?

Originally I started working in sales, selling PPC to small and medium sized businesses. I enjoyed that because everyone I sold to, I then took on and managed that account at well. It helped me develop my knowledge of PPC, and also lots of different industries.

After that I moved to an agency where I managed a major automotive brand in the UK, looking after their PPC account. I’m quite lucky because I’ve had a good balance of selling to these businesses, and also seeing the other side running a big spending PPC account.

When did you start at Adthena, what was your role when you started?

When I started here, everything still felt fresh. The Money Back Guarantee hadn’t been introduced for very long so we didn’t know how successful that would be. We knew it had a big impact in sales, but we didn’t know how clients were responding to it. That’s all been quite positive, and it’s still developing. Back then it was really all about growth. We were in a rapid growth phase, and now it feels like it has slowed down slightly, but we’ve got really solid teams across the business.

I think the focus now is going back towards product. We had this product that people responded to, and it was all about selling it and bringing on more business. Now the sales guys are doing their thing, and the focus is back on product and making that better. There are a lot of new features coming out and it’s a bit like Adthena 2.0.

How has your role evolved? What has the support been like in terms of career progression?

Yeah really good. The company has a really good mix of experience, all the departments are led by people with great track records. Within the teams, even if people are a bit junior, they are given responsibility to go out and succeed in what they do.

My manager (Stefan) has been really, really supportive. In my first week he told me to make the role my own, to take it by the reins and go do it the way I think it should be done. And then ask questions when I need to.

That was a great way for me to be managed. It works because I think the company puts a lot of effort into making sure they get the right people in, so when people come on board they don’t need too much management, just a bit of guidance.

How has the company grown since you’ve been here? How has the culture developed?

I think when I started I was the 42nd employee, and now there are almost 80. At Adthena everyone sits down for lunch together on Fridays, and for a while, every week there would be more and more people there. Now the teams are well settled, we’ve got a really good base.

Every now and again, one or two people come in and because it’s not as frequent, I think people look forward to when new people join as there is a bit of anticipation about what impact they will have on the business.

Describe a typical day for you in CS?

On a normal day, I’ll start by looking at my emails and Slack. Slack keeps me up to date with everything that’s happened internally. New sales happen all the time, and we need to plan how they will be managed. I’ll check my emails to see if my clients need anything from me, catch up on my to-do list on Evernote, then I’ll go through my day and mentally prepare for it.

I’ll get into work between nine and half-past-nine, generally have two meetings a day with clients. It might be a new client that I’m training on the platform, where I’ll try to understand exactly what challenges they’re facing when running their campaigns. If it’s an older client it’ll be something we’re working on, it might be expansion into a new market or some gap analysis. In between that I’m preparing for future meetings, and working for other clients.

What’s a highlight of your Adthena career?

There are two. The first one is working with all the different people here. There are some who have done amazing things like sending probes to Mars, ridiculously talented people. But everyone carries a level of professionalism, the ability to Get Shit Done, and to do what they need to do to get results.

The second is how the product gets constant appreciation from clients. All the meetings I have are always so positive because they value the insights so much. It’s a combination of those two.

What’s your secret to a good work/life balance?

I think that if you’re able to identify what you’re good at, your skills and strengths, and you’re able to match that to an organization which has the same ideas and principles, then you’ll be happy at work and that makes everything easier. That’s really it, that’s the secret.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I’d probably like to be managing my own little team of CSMs, managing client success and retention.

How do you fill the time/survive your morning commute?

I listen to podcasts or read a book. At the moment I’m reading the Sapiens book.

What would be on your ultimate dinner party menu?

I don’t know about the starter and dessert, but at the moment I’m cooking this beef ragu, or oxtail ragu, and it’s really, really good. Plus it’s only like £3.40.

(Jack’s recipe in case you were wondering: “What you have to do is dice some onions, fry that with some garlic and olive oil, then braise your oxtail and add some chopped tomatoes and tomato puree, then leave it for five hours with a bayleaf. Delicious.”)

What would your primary superpower be?

Mind control. (To keep all my clients happy!)