A Day in the… Adthena Life


What do you do at Adthena?

I’m the Insights Consultant, which means I use the data that we collect and analyze it to find actionable insights for our clients. I also work with different parts of the business such as marketing, or sales.

What were you doing before you started here?

I studied Psychology for 3 years, which made me realize I didn’t really want to be a Psychologist. But startups interested me, I was kind of drawn towards them.

What’s your favorite thing about working here?

The people culture, and the fact that you’re treated as an individual. What you put into Adthena is what you get out, and there’s no politics. It’s a really positive environment to work in.

I’ve been lucky enough to find my thing here, and within the tech team there is a really supportive environment. I learn so much every day just from the team around me. That and the opportunity that I have to better myself is really rewarding.

How has the company changed since you’ve been here?

It’s a lot bigger. There’s definitely a lot more structure, but it’s still the same culture. Everyone’s still really friendly and welcoming, and that’s what I love about working here. It’s different from working for a big corporate company, in that you’re treated as an individual and there’s lots of support.

Describe a typical day for you?

Get in, have some coffee and breakfast. Look through my projects and priorities my tasks for the day, and also prioritize any new projects that have come in for the week. We have a stand-up every morning where everyone shares what they are working on for the day, which helps us work better as a team.

Normally I’ll also have a few meetings with different parts of the company, with Customer Success, or with Marketing, to discuss the projects that we are working on. The rest is just working on the task at hand!

What’s a highlight of your Adthena career?

There’s lots of highlights. But probably the company having the confidence in me to invest in my training. It shows the belief they have in me, and helps motivates you to learn more and progress.

What’s your secret to a good work/life balance?

Prioritizing. You get to be quite autonomous here, and if you prioritize your workload you can earn some time off. It’s nice to take a break, and know that you’ve prioritized well so you can switch off and have a relaxing time.

How do you survive our morning commute?

I’m a big fan of buses! I’d much rather spend 20 minutes longer on a bus rather than fighting people on the tube. I’ll get on the bus, switch off, maybe listen to a true crime podcast or read a book.

What would be on your Come Dine with Me menu?

I love Thai and Malaysian food! And definitely tonnes of chocolate for dessert!

What would your primary superpower be?

To breathe underwater!

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I love this whole experience so far with Adthena. Seeing the company grow and being able to contribute to something meaningful has kept me motivated the whole time, so hopefully I’ll still be doing something like this.