A Day in the… Adthena Life

What’s your favorite thing about working for Adthena?

One of our values is Freedom and Responsibility, which means as long as you are responsible, you get to do your job almost as if you run your own business. It’s quite refreshing, because there’s a lot less micromanagement.

Tell us about your background and what you were doing before you started here?

I went straight into work from school, and worked for some major corporates before moving into tech recruitment. I had a lot of exposure to startups and that kind of made me think: ‘that’s something that I’d like to work in’. Eventually that led me to Adthena, and the rest is history.

How has your role evolved?

When I started at the end of 2013, there was one person working in the Sales team… and that was me (obviously). Back then, we didn’t have targets, we didn’t have marketing, or much of a brand message. It was very scrappy, and sales was about getting out there and seeing what you could get to support the business.

It’s gone from that to something much more structured. Now I manage a team of four, and my role involves training new staff, defining our brand message, and influencing how we present our brand to new business. My role has always been the same to a certain degree, but now I have a lot more influence in the different parts of the business.

How has the company changed since you’ve been here?

There’s been a natural change, but we’ve always maintained a strong sense of culture. We’ve always treated people like adults (enabling people to Get Shit Done). Culture is inevitably going to change as more people are hired and new roles are created, but you kind of just have to go with it.

We’re never going to be a corporate juggernaut, with lots of departments and micromanagement, so we’ve managed to maintain our core values. Everything is just 20 times bigger than it was four years ago. We still have a nice vibe, and when new people join there is still a sense of “this is really cool, it’s a really cool place to work”.

Describe a typical day for you?

(Oh God!) It normally starts with nothing in the diary, but by 9:15 it’s full until half five… But a typical day is: get in, speak to the guys and make sure everyone has a plan and an agenda for the day. Time management is obviously very important in sales (or any job really). On a normal day, I’ll have two or three meetings with the team, there might be a training session, and a management or product session.

What’s a highlight of your Adthena career?

There have been a few big deals that have come in, but getting promoted to my current role has probably been the highlight. No-one grows up wanting to be a salesman (I think I wanted to be a coach driver), but I’ve always wanted to look after a team, so that’s been the highlight.

Also the first time I beat Ian at ping pong, that was pretty awesome.

What’s your secret to a good work/life balance?

The secret to a good work/life balance is all about structure, because people often think they need to take work home with them. If you structure your day in the way you need to, and set out time in which you need to achieve your objectives, you should be able to leave your work behind when you step out the door. Not always as easy as it sounds, but that’s it.

How do you survive your morning commute?

Peaky Blinders. Netflix. Nintendo Switch. I commute with my wife and we’re pretty competitive. We’ve got a routine: I get a coffee, she gets a peppermint tea, we sit on the train, she finishes her makeup, I might read a book or check the football news. She gets her laptop case, puts it across the two desks, then we flip the Switch so you can get Mario Kart going. It’s perfect.

What would your primary superpower be?

I think what I’d like is to have the ability to make West Ham win football games.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I like working for startups, I like getting involved in things, so hopefully I’ll be doing the next iteration of what I’m doing now.