A Day in the… Adthena Life


What do you do at Adthena?

I head up the Global Business Development function. My guys are the tip of the sword when it comes to introducing Adthena to new customers. I take care of the teams in the UK and Australia, and the new team in the US.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?

I think my colleagues are my favorite thing about the company. The recruitment process is optimized very well, our CEO still speaks to everyone who comes through the door, and that helps ensure that everyone who comes through the door is a good cultural fit.

What were you doing before you started here?

My background has always been in sales. I started off in B2C call centres when I were a wee boy, and I’ve been in sales ever since. My last role was in travel tech, which led me to Adthena.

How has your role changed since you’ve been here?

I started as an Account Executive, and for me the next logical step was sales management. At the time, they were looking for a business development manager to manage the team in the UK so I threw my hat in the ring, and I must have done something right because that was back in October and I just received a second promotion last week. Adthena is obviously a company that hires the right people, and looks to nurture talent.

How is the support and training?

I’m on an internal training programme, called ‘New Leaders’, which is run by the in-house trainer. As part of the programme, we’ll hear from Senior Management, from Ian (our CEO), Will (Finance Director), Ashley (VP Marketing), and from the People and Talent Acquisition teams as well.

Our next session is on unconscious bias, which is about how we all harbour certain stereotypes which we might be completely unaware of it. We’ll learn about how that can affect our management, how we can be more aware of that, and how to manage it. We’ll also go through commercial training, to understand how the company works and what the company’s goals are, and how we can directly affect that day-to-day in our management roles.

How has the company changed since you’ve been here?

In a startup environment, everything constantly evolves and changes. We are always looking to sharpen the axe.

One of our core values is Smart and Always Improving, and that is evident throughout the whole company. It’s always happening. If things can be optimized or bettered, we do it.

Describe a typical day for you?

It almost always involves some kind of live call coaching with my team. Adthena is a complex solution, things don’t always translate via email, so the best way is often to pick up the phone and speak to people.

There are training sessions, things like Lunch and Learns, where anyone can share something that might be useful for everyone to know about. Everybody gets invited along, and we all sit down over lunch to discuss the topic and share ideas.

I’ll usually squeeze in ten minutes to improve my appalling table tennis game. It’s not working. I once lost to somebody who used a piece of buttered toast as a bat. I lost by seven points.

What’s a highlight of your Adthena career?

It’s got to be two promotions in six months. To be recognized as someone who works hard, and who the CEO and everyone else in the company wants to be an integral part of the business going forward… means a lot.

What’s your secret to a good work/life balance?

Work hard in the office. Get s*** done. Manage your time properly. That works 95% of the time. And yeah, if you need to take something home because you’ve got a deadline, and it’s the best thing for the company to do that, then do that. But getting your s*** done in the office usually does the trick.

How do you survive our morning commute?

I commute from the deepest darkest corner of Essex. Sunny Southend-on-Sea. It’s a long commute, but it’s just one train so I usually just get my head down in a book.

What would be on your Come Dine With Me menu?

Three courses of falafel and hummus. Starters, mains, and dessert. The guests probably wouldn’t be happy, but I would be over the moon.

What would your primary superpower be?

I’d have the ability to hear when people were talking utter nonsense, and I’d fly in with a big red mute button. Just imagine if Piers Morgan, or Katie Hopkins could be muted! Donald Trump? Big mute.

(You’re the hero we need Stu!)