AI Categorization

Let machine learning reveal new opportunities for your strategy

For digital advertisers, managing the volume of keywords in search campaigns can be an enormous challenge. Mapping out competitive search terms in a specific category or market niche can mean sifting through thousands, even millions, of keywords. On top of that, the landscape is constantly changing. 

Adthena’s platform uses machine-learning and AI to do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on turning insights into results.

Discover granular insights with AI categorization

Adthena uses artificial intelligence to automatically map new search terms to thousands of machine-learned categories. That means you can conduct keyword research, scale campaigns, and grow market share at speed and with precision.

  • Get the most accurate view of your competitive landscape
  • Receive recommendations on search term opportunities 
  • Gain a detailed understanding of subcategories in your market
  • Make decisions with an AI-powered platform – no manual setup required
  • Capture market changes and opportunities on a day-to-day basis
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How it works

We use a supervised machine-learning model to accurately categorize each search term in your Whole Market View. This model relies on our extensive in-house data set, as well as the latest techniques in natural language processing. 

  • Every day, Adthena processes over 10 terabytes of data to build and refresh your Whole Market View 
  • Adthena’s AI maps out each search term to one of 1500 machine-learned categories – for example, “converse” is automatically linked to “casual shoes”
  • A regression model is applied to predict your click-through-rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) from indexed data




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"As an online platform, we rely heavily on paid search to drive website traffic. With Adthena, we’re able to apply insights on competition across every area of our business, from front-line PPC teams all the way up to product owners and senior executives.

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