Search Intelligence Index: US Technology B2B

Search Intelligence Index: US Tech B2B

The CMO’s only search performance benchmark to guide C-Suite strategy.

Our Search Intelligence Index is the first and only global measure of SEM success. The index not only gives marketing leaders an industry benchmark to guide strategy at the C-Suite, it also enables them to see how their SEM stacks up against competitors. In these Tech B2B short reports, you can:

  • See the Top 10 Leaderboard for each category.
  • Read key analysis that you can apply to your business.
  • Use the benchmarks to stay at the top or improve your ROAS.

Download your category report below.

US Cybersecurity

See the Top 10 leaderboard for Cybersecurity brands in paid search. Download the report below.

US Cloud Hosting

See the rankings for the Top 10 Cloud Hosting platforms in paid search. Download the report below.

US HR Compliance

See the Top 10 leaders in HR Compliance software across paid search. Download the report below.

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