5 things you did not know Adthena could do.

Lorna Rose Gill Posted by Lorna Rose Gill

Competitive analysis is a powerful technique with which you can easily outperform your competition. Effective competitor intelligence can provide real actionable insights which in today’s changing market dynamics are difficult to gain using standard keyword or web analytics tools such as Site Catalyst, Google Analytics or Webtrends etc. By understanding exactly what your competitors are doing in their search campaigns, you can make extremely insightful decisions and react instantly to the market activity.

1 – Search has moved on and these days marketers cannot make informed decisions based on just a small set of keywords. For example an average retail client has more than 45 thousand keywords in their AdWords account while in travel advertiser may have this figure as double. This huge set of keywords makes it impossible for any marketer to take informed decisions based on a small set of keywords.

Adthena solves that problem, unlike other competitive intelligence tools Adthena does not look at a set of keywords or a few competitors. It’s unique algorithm monitors the whole market landscape across your vertical and finds all those keywords that are active in your marketplace.

The landscape view of your marketplace results in a true picture of the industry and the insights gained are far more realistic than any other report based on a few sets of keywords.

2 – Adthena can seamlessly sync with your Google AdWords account to calibrate your AdWords data for highly accurate competitor CPC and traffic estimates. Adthena cleverly uses your own existing data to clarify your view of the competitor landscape.

3 – The key to making informed decisions is big data and a bigger view. Adthenas’ patent pending algorithm and a complete landscape view keeps the traffic and CPC estimates very close to the real figures. Adthena’s extensive reflection of market activity results in a very close estimation of your competitors CPC and traffic values. This accurate result helps in monetising every single keyword activity in your market and reaction to change instant.

4 – We believe in the power of beautiful presentation and that is why we take pride in Adthena generated reports. They are elegant, beautiful and do not require any external fancy charting tool to make our data look beautiful.

5 – Last but not the least, Adthena can uncover which of your competitors are focusing on long tail keyword strategy helping you in pivoting your marketing strategies.

Adthean truly addresses the statement of ‘garbage in garbage out’ as the keyword view of any competitor is very misleading and can compromise your whole years advertising budget and return on investment.

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Lorna Rose Gill
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