Double Glazing: From Cold-Calling to Ad Copy

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Try as we might, there are a few stereotypes that it’s hard to shake when we think about different jobs, no matter how unfair they might be. Double glazing salesmen are perhaps one of the worst hit by this, with traditional images of their door-to-door routines, cold-calling patter and hard-sell tactics meaning that many people might not welcome a visit, no matter how drafty their windows might be.

Whatever the reputation though, double glazing is a highly desirable product, and has only become more so in recent years as awareness has grown of the environmental impact of good insulation – and of course, the cost savings it can bring. A survey undertaken by Anglian Home Improvements shows that over the past 50 years, the thing people appreciate the most about how our homes have changed is reliable heating, with 41% of respondents ranking better insulated windows the top improvement.

Companies which deal in home improvements and double glazing have certainly seen the benefit from that – last month, Safestyle UK reported strong first-half results, growing revenue and profits, despite increasing its investment in advertising.

Much of that increasing advertising budget is surely going into digital marketing, a new arena for double glazing companies moving away from the door-to-door sales techniques of years gone by. Looking at double glazing-related search terms in Adthena, we can see there are three main competitors challenging each other for share of voice:

Looking at share of voice trends for both annual and monthly periods shows similar results, with Anglian Home Improvements, Safestyle UK and Everest Home Improvement all angling for prime position Their share of impressions are all interlinked, with a drop for one leading to a gain for the other. It’s obviously a fiercely competitive space – but what ads are they using to win these clicks? We’ve taken top ads from each of the big three across the past month, choosing an ad from each that has spent several weeks high on the SERPs, to see what is working to appeal to customers.

Anglian Home Improvements

As with all of these ads, this is a fine example of cramming in a large amount of info and expression into a small space. The headline kicks off with an offer, a highly-specific 47.5% off the cost of double glazing. We might wonder why this figure isn’t rounded up or down to a more rounded number, but as with pricing something as 99p rather than a pound, there is a psychological effect in using such an exact total, pointing towards a deliberate, precise amount, rather than picking an arbitrary percentage.

The URL reflects the headline, aimed specifically towards double glazing, while the ad text blends a combination of elements. “Bespoke” is a word that alludes to style and quality, like a tailor-made suit, while we are also told it is not only affordable, but “stunningly” affordable, using a strong adjective to hammer the point home. There’s then an exclamation – “Hurry!”, followed by a call to action, urging customers to follow up their browsing. With one of the highest frequency rates for appearance of all ads across the past month, it’s obviously paying off.

Everest Home Improvement

While Anglian opted for pushing a very specific discount, Everest takes a different strategy by offering a flat 50% off their windows. The half-off offer is subtly reinforced by the ad copy which references the company’s 50th birthday, urging readers to “celebrate”, fostering a sense of positivity. That’s back up with two offers – a chance to win either a holiday or free energy, with the second opportunity especially likely to appeal to people looking for double glazing as a means of reducing energy costs. The ad has a great frequency rate, and importantly, a low CPC, costing less than many other ads in the same space while still bringing in clicks for the company.

Safestyle UK

As if 50% wasn’t enough of an offer, Safestyle UK offers 55%, promising what it calls “Big Savings”. “Save” is one of the fabled advertising “power words” that generations of marketers have fallen back on, as is “free”, which Safestyle also uses in its call to action, urging people to get a quote. Specifying that the quote can be got online in key as well, emphasising the speed and ease of the process, reassuring people there are no extra phone calls or other stages to go through. Safestyle could perhaps use a designated URL for the offer so people know they are going straight through to what they want to find, rather than their general homepage, but the ad is still performing reliably well, appearing on all 30 days monitored.


Times have moved on since door-to-door double glazing salesman were famed for their cut-throat sales methods, but people still want to buy double glazing, and companies are still doing well selling it. Online, there is less hard sell, but a much more subtle array of techniques being used to promote the products. In a competitive industry like home improvements, businesses have to be smart to know which tactics to use, and detect which tactics their rivals are using. If a competitor comes out with a bigger discount or a better offer, that will impact your campaign and hit your ROI. Using Adthena, the leading source of competitive intelligence for search, means keeping tabs on your entire marketplace, including what your competitors are doing, where your keyword opportunities are, and when your brand is being infringed. You don’t have to go door to door for insights – it’s only a few clicks away.

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