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Lorna Rose Gill Posted by Lorna Rose Gill

Using Adthena Competitive Analysis, last year we conducted research into on the biggest players in the private plane rental industry. We found some interesting insights showing the top destinations, biggest advertising spenders, best offers, marketing strategies and more.

Below chart shows the top sponsored search terms in the Private Plane Rental Industry. These search terms are ranked by traffic form May till June 2012. The chart shows the distribution of traffic among these top 10 keywords.

The top natural search terms in the Private Plane Rental Industry. These search terms are ranked by clicks for the month May- June 2012 The chart shows the distribution of traffic among those top 10 keywords. is the biggest player in the market. They are maximising their share in the top 10 keywords & take a big market share of 20%on the top 10 keywords while their overall market share is 30%. is dividing their budget equally between the top 10 keywords and markets overall landscape. They are monetising the top 10 search terms and slowly expanding their traffic landscape thus following the marketing strategies of taking 4th position is following a completely different strategy. They are hugely focusing on the top search terms of the industry and monetising their profits on them. While very interestingly & are only using top sponsored keywords to drive their traffic.

Natural SERPs landscape is very different as compared to sponsored. In the chart above we can see are hugely focused on Natural (SEO) while their % spend on sponsored is very little.

An interesting comparison between and is that they both are focusing on almost opposite keyword landscape. The biggest climber in over all natural market is who is not in the top 10 spenders on Paid search. is the optimising their campaigns both in Natural and Sponsored to their most and have the most optomised marketing strategy among the top 10 advertisers.

The above chart shows the top ads for the top 10 search terms. It can also be concluded that no company in private jet rental industry is running any campaign based on discount or seasonality. The prime focus is on luxury.  Whereas in overall industry top ad searches for buying shares in private plane companies is very popular.

The last above chart shows the top Destination based search terms for Private Plane Rental Industry for the year 2011-2012.

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