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The first part of a new series on how to get the most from Adthena

Competitive intelligence is an essential resource for marketers looking to improve the performance of their SEM campaigns, and here at Adthena, we’re focused on delivering the most effective source of competitive intelligence available.

Adthena is an immensely powerful solution, giving marketers access to a huge array of insights, but at the same time, it has been designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. In a new series of blogs, we’ll be showing off some of Adthena’s key features, and showing you how to get the most from it.

Menu Bar ExampleWe’ve built Adthena with simplicity in mind, shown off in the menu bar on the right hand side of the interface. The straightforward drop-down menus allow quick access to all the reports on competitors, keywords and adverts that are relevant to your business.

We’ve also made accessing your reports speedy and flexible, with options of both basic and advanced filtering. Using the filters allows users to drill down into the data that is most essential for them, whether it be monitoring competitor activity on a single keyword, or across a group of keywords for a specific offer or product. You can also include competitor specific filters, and exclude brand terms, to focus on the information you need.

Advanced filters go even further, allowing you to break down reports by criteria such as Search Term Groups and AdWord Campaigns, as well as filtering specific time periods.

A majority of the reports can then be easily exported as a CSV file with a simple button at the top of the page.

And, if you do get stuck, you can just click the speech bubble to access instant chat support, where you can ask questions or leave any feedback.

To find out more about using Adthena, visit our knowledge base. If you want to learn how Adthena can help your business, you can request a demo.

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