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Data released by Adthena,  has revealed the paid search bidding patterns of major retailers in the build up to and on Amazon’s Prime Day.

Interestingly, despite the day being Amazon’s own, other retailers were able to beat the online giant and achieve greater clicks and higher spots on retail based search terms during the day.

The annual event, exclusive to Prime members and billed as ‘The Black Friday of the Summer’ saw Amazon launch significant discounts on a selection of product ranges. This in turn has sparked other retailers to offer discounts in summer sales also at this time of year.

Amongst competing online department stores, Amazon was only able to secure a 6% share of the clicks on Desktop shopping terms yesterday. Marks and Spencer dominated with a 7% share.


Chart 1: Share of desktop clicks on shopping search terms amongst leading retailers (Source: Adthena)

Interestingly however, if we look at mobile we can see a different trend. The Adthena data places Amazon with a 17% share of clicks compared to 5% for the nearest competitor, highlighting a prioritisation of mobile over desktop.



Chart 2: Share of mobile clicks on shopping search terms amongst leading retailers (Source: Adthena)

This was however driven by a significantly lower share of spend of just 8%, at a cost of around £0.13 per click, compared to yesterday’s market average of £0.21.

“The data shows that Amazon has been able to generate significantly higher clicks on mobile through a strategic approach to PPC” explains Ian O’Rourke, founder and CEO of Adthena. “The company has successfully managed to spend less than many competitors but still dominated the SERP and received the highest share of clicks on its ads. The result is impressive and shows the value that can be generated by taking a highly strategic approach to PPC management.”


Chart 3: Share of spend on mobile retail search terms (Source: Adthena)

Amazon’s most popular ad yesterday appeared on an impressive 100% of retail search terms Adthena monitored, offering a ‘huge selection’ of products at ‘low prices’ and receiving a significant 680,000 impressions in just one day.

“It has been interesting observing Prime Day. As an Amazon initiative, the pressure is on the retail giant to perform. Their strategy has had mixed success. On mobile the retailer has been highly strategic and dominated, yet on Desktop it has been pipped to the top spot by Marks and Spencer. Whether or not this was a deliberate decision is difficult to tell, but what it does highlight is the need to understand competitors and act appropriately in the search marketplace.”

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