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Which retailers have pushed Christmas jumpers the most, and what do their successful ads look like? Which keyword combinations were they most bidding on to get their messages through?

Christmas Jumpers are a hot item in December, due to both their holiday appeal and the colder weather many in the northern hemisphere must suffer through.

This analysis looks at Adthena’s data on competing retailers that bid on keywords related to “christmas jumpers” and ranks them according to spend and share of voice (SOV). It also analyses their most successful search ads based on clicks, average position, estimated spend, and display length.

Keywords included in the analysis were found using Adthena, which incorporates the most important search terms related to “Christmas jumpers.” These included: christmas jumper; christmas jumpers; christmas jumper uk; christmas jumper women; christmas jumpers 2014; christmas jumpers for men; christmas jumpers for men funny; and christmas jumpers woman.

Retailers and Rankings

Retailers ranking in the top six amongst the most active in the UK between October 16th and November 16th are as follows (with their paid SOV included):

  1. New Look (3 paid search terms, 1076 clicks, 68.36% SOV)
  2. ASOS (5, 494, 31.39%)
  3. H&M (4, 0, 0.25%)
  4. Next (0, 0, 0%)
  5. River Island (1, 0, 0%)

New Look and ASOS outranked all other retailers by a significant margin, with New Look obtaining 68% of the paid SOV and ASOS 31%. All others garnered between zero and 1% of paid SOV.


Each of the above advertisers’ total spends added up to well below the £1,000 mark. New Look spent around £611, with only three paid search terms related to christmas jumpers, ASOS spent on average £308 on five search ads, while River Island and Next spent approximately £126, and £21, respectively.

Period Analysis


Looking at the one-year period between the beginning of November 2013 and November 2014, ASOS clearly separated itself as the only retailer constantly bidding on Christmas jumpers and related keywords throughout the period.

However, its SOV dropped when New Look entered the market (following a period of inactivity stretching from March until August). New Look clearly implemented a much more intelligent campaign, as it only ran relevant ads closer to Christmas Time.

There seemed to be no “memory effect” on the relationship between the length of a campaign and its success. When a new player entered the market and ran better ads with higher budgets, they got better traffic.

In general, advertisers supposedly late to the game may actually earn better traffic than expected, as users enjoy seeing something new in the search ad space and, therefore, feel more inclined to click on them to find new deals.

River Island also entered the market recently. This retailer then held either first or second place in SOV spots until the end of September. However, the most recent rankings show the company dropped straight off the charts, with New Look and ASOS dominating the market as Christmas nears.

Recent Ads



ASOS produced the most successful advertisement overall, as it received 312 clicks over its lifespan with an estimated spend of only £53. The ad also enjoyed an average ranking of 1.5 while it ran on the 29th and 30th of October 2014. You’ll find ASOS’s actual ad copy below:

Christmas jumper at ASOS –…
Shop Now The Latest Christmas Knitwear &
Cute Christmas Jumpers!”

Another, more recent ad from ASOS, which ran for three days in November between the 14th and the 16th, bore the same headline, but a different body of text. With a budget of only £21, it earned 132 clicks and an average position of 2.3. The ad read as follows:

Christmas jumper at ASOS –…
Shop the Latest Christmas Jumpers. Enjoy Our
Fast Christmas Delivery!”

New Look

A more efficient ad by New Look ran for one day (October 30) at a cost of £37 and gained 208 clicks. It maintained the highest average position of number one overall, likely the result of its enticing ad copy:

New Look Xmas jumpers – NewLook.c…
Reindeer, Robins, Penguins & More! Get The
Latest Fashion At New Look.”

River Island

River Island ran the second most successful ad, yet it ran for longer than any of the others. This suggests that it either wasn’t as attractive to shoppers or that the retailer spent too little to get it shown higher in the search rankings. Its best position was number two, and its average position was 2.2.

Check out the ad’s copy for yourself:

{keyword} – Up To 50% Off Selected Li…
Free Click and Collect to All Stores”

If your company’s advertising campaigns are also coming up short of expectations, look to shake things up and make the most of this holiday shopping season. Try Adthena’s complete market analysis to find out which essential keywords you’re missing out on while learning from your competitors’ mistakes.

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