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PPC management is a constant race for the best rankings and the highest Share of Voice – and we all know that things change fast in PPC Search Engine Marketing. But in Business Banking, one of the most saturated and high CPC markets around, you probably wouldn’t expect huge changes overnight. As it happens, you’d be wrong! As our study of Business Banking shows, it is also about strategic planning and smart budget allocation.

In April it would have been easy to get comfortable if you’re NAB, the top dog in Business Banking in Australia for quite some time, picking up one in every three clicks on the top keywords. Westpac & Commbank are not too far behind, both with about 20% each, while the remainder are split in smaller shares, at less than 5% Share of Voice.

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However, the picture changes dramatically when you examine NAB’s April performance on a more granular level, as with Adthena’s PPC Search Engine Marketing Rank trend report. It is surprising how quickly things can change in the market – in this case, BankWest comes from far behind in the race to lead at the end of the month:

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You might conclude that BankWest have dramatically increased their spend, but it’s not quite that simple. Despite spending relatively more than they used to, BankWest are still behind “the big three” in overall spend. However, they are targeting roughly 50% of the keywords these competitors are targeting, and are willing to spend significantly more per click in order to optimise their SERP position on these terms.

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Adthena gives it’s customers the opportunity to spot these emerging opportunities and threats as they are happening. All these businesses are operating in a dynamic market which they cannot control. By keeping a close eye on the market forces that affect their own results, they can make adjustments on the fly which protect their business objectives.


Knowing your Competitive Landscape enables you to use your existing resources and budgets in better, smarter ways, so you can stay ahead or even race away from your competition.

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Lorna Rose Gill
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