Competitive Intelligence and Croissants: Adthena’s Breakfast Seminar

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Bring together a group of paid search experts, an audience filled with digital marketers keen to learn, and gallons of coffee, and what do you have? Adthena’s Competitive Intelligence Breakfast Seminar, held at The Trampery in the heart of Shoreditch.

The morning was an opportunity for digital marketers to come together and network, while hearing from some of the industry’s leading innovators, who shared their insights into how this fast-moving area has developed over the years, and is poised to change in the future.

Among the speakers on the day were Alex Rigler (pictured above), the Head of Customer Insight at Adthena, who spoke about where big data and ad copy meet, and how smart advertisers can use the power of data to inform the decisions they make when they construct their ads and bring people to their sites. The talk focused on the value of regular testing and monitoring competitors to evaluate the gaps in your market, as well as adapting to changes to the SERP.

Also speaking on the day was Dr Dave Chaffey, a digital strategist since 1997 and CEO at Smart Insights, who delved into upcoming trends for 2016. Outlining some of the areas with the greatest potential for commercial impact in the next year, he pointed to marketing automation, content marketing and big data as some of the key areas which will affect company bottom lines. He also emphasised the value of keyword research, and trusting the value of testing and data over the opinion of a “hippo” (the highest paid person’s opinion).


Alex Crowley, Head of PPC at IG, speaking at the Adthena Competitive Intelligence Breakfast Seminar

Martin Pezet, Search Marketing Manager at World First, described how every team had their own hippos to face, before speaking about how Adthena had helped the business fare against competitors, monitoring brand infringements and improving agency relationships, while improving data reliability and making reporting easy. Alex Crowley, Head of PPC at IG, also spoke, detailing how Adthena had helped identify dirty tricks used by competitors and how it impacted on their campaigns and ROI.

The morning came to a close with a talk by John Myers, a search industry veteran and judge of the UK Search Awards, who drew on his experience in search to highlight the constant changes in the field, and predict ways in which is would alter in years to come. Keywords auctions began in 1998, and Google today still makes 89% of its revenue from search – however, to illustrate how far we’ve come, he revealed how the volume of searches done on Google in 1998 is now done on the search engine in 57 seconds. Of course, the expansion of Google has meant the number of buying points for paid search has dwindled – forcing marketers to change how they operate.

With such a range of speakers, the room was bustling with ideas and conversations, and people went away buzzing with the potential of competitive intelligence. If breakfast normally sets you up for the day, hopefully this breakfast set people up for much longer.

To see a full range of slides from the seminar’s speakers, click here.

And watch this space for news of any more Adthena events!

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