How to Unlock Your Competitor’s Mobile Strategy

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When you’re planning your own mobile PPC strategy, it’s important to investigate what your competitors are doing to ensure you aren’t left behind.

Over the last decade we have all witnessed the onset and rise in the use of technological devices. We’ve watched the world “go mobile”, so to speak, in its use of technology and as that world continues to expand, it becomes a more competitive playing field for businesses.

Marketing has taken on a whole new meaning with the rise of the smartphone and tablet, and it will take a lot of work to stay ahead of your top competitors. Knowing your competitor’s mobile strategy can offer several advantages to your business.

How Do I Discover My Competitor’s Mobile Strategy?

By determining what your competitors are doing, you will learn what strategies have been successful, and perhaps save some time by avoiding what strategies have not. The first step is to collect data on key competitors, which will include the following information:

1. Who are your competitors?

2. How successful are your competitors?

3. What methods do your competitors use to sell goods or services?

4. What can you learn from your competitor’s strategy?

5. How can you use these insights to ultimately outwit your competition?

While this information is extremely important to your business, doing your own research can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are competitive intelligence solutions available to help with the lengthy and time-consuming process of collecting such – providing you with the data you need to succeed.

Enlisting the help of a savvy competitive intelligence for search company like Adthena can not only save a lot of time, but will also offer the use of a wealth of reports that can give you a quick and easy, in-depth look at your competitor’s ppc strategies – on desktop and mobile.Graph

From the graph above, you can see that some of the online gambling companies are much better at working mobile than others and vice versa – should those without a mobile PPC presence be investigating into what their competitors are doing right and wrong?

How Can I Use Insights about My Competitor’s Mobile PPC Strategy to my Advantage?

Once you have gathered all of the information that you need, you will spend some time analysing it thoroughly. Then you can pull out what parts are going to be most beneficial for enhancing and increasing your own mobile search marketing plan.

You’ll be able to tell what has worked for them, and how it can be tweaked to fit your own business model. It is important to note that the findings you obtain from analysing competitor’s PPC campaigns are only directional and not an absolute model to follow.

How Can I Make Certain that My Strategy Will Work?

You can glean many lessons by analysing your competitor’s marketing strategies, the trick is determining how to use these insights to get ahead of the competition. For instance, if a competitor is offering low cost quotes, you might want to offer free quotes for comparable services.

Or, as one of Adthena’s clients decided to do after they understood their competitors strategies, you can choose to avoid these types of offerings to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

In a different scenario, you may learn that there are quite a few keywords being bid on by competitors that you miss out on, and you could respond by expanding and incorporating these words into your plan of action as well.

You can learn a lot about your competitor’s campaign from the wording that they choose, or the types of services and deals that they offer consumers. By matching or bettering their deals, you can come out ahead of the PPC game.

Bringing your Knowledge Together

To perfect your campaigns and make sure you are able to compete with the major competition in the marketplace, you’ll need to first look into their successes and failures. What can you learn from these factors and how do they fit into what you want to achieve? Are they gaining traffic from mobile PPC? If not, why?

It’s not as easy as duplicating what they already have though – you’ll need to take inspiration and ensure you target the relevant people and products using carefully selected keywords for your specific audience and company objectives.

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