The Weight Loss PPC Landscape

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As many of us start getting in shape for the coming summer, we take a look at the PPC weight loss landscape and consider what brands can do to stay competitive against industry heavyweights.

Ready or not, warmer weather is on its way. For the lucky ones among us, the mention of summer conjures up nothing but images of exotic holidays, festivals, barbecues with friends, and lazy afternoons. For the less fortunate, the impending season means only one thing: the struggle towards a better summer body.

Weight loss in the UK is essentially a seasonal industry. Goals based on New Year’s resolutions, weddings, and summer holidays all rank highly when it comes to the things that inspire us to change our weighty ways.

New Year, New You

January is a key month in the weight loss industry – a time when many of us look to atone for the excesses of the festive season.

On the high street, no sooner has the Christmas stock been cleared from the shelves than the protein shakes, Weight Watchers meals, and weight loss tablet ‘remedies’ come to replace them in both health stores and chemists like Boots and Superdrug.

Then, of course, there’s the spring.

Springing Into Action

Spring is a particularly popular time of year for those looking to embark on new, healthier lifestyles. While winter lets us hide behind heavy knitwear and long periods of hibernation, in spring the dread of summer’s skimpier clothes and swimwear tends to get the better of us.

By the time April rolls around, the ideas of healthy eating and exercise seem more plausible than they did during those dark winter nights of takeaway dinners and movie marathons. That’s when the weight loss industry is sent skyrocketing.

It Starts Online

Digital marketing plays a vital role in the weight loss industry. Whether we’re looking for a diet plan, healthy recipes, fitness advice, or weight loss programs and support groups, the modern journey towards a healthier lifestyle or lower goal weight usually starts with a search query.

As far as the PPC game goes, Atkins Nutritional, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Herbalife, and Forever are the current UK market leaders.The top five weight loss search terms in the UK currently are “weight loss,” “weight loss diet,” “weight loss program,” “weight loss pills,” and “weight loss fast.”

To ensure that your PPC campaigns expand and contract with the nation’s waistlines – and keep up with this fierce competition – there are certain steps that your company must take.

Chances are, if your business is in the weight loss industry, these search terms will be at the top of your AdWords list – so what can you do to make your campaigns more targeted? As always, it’s good to remember that the more strategic you are with your targeted keywords, the merrier.

Don’t be afraid to expand your selection and bring in new keywords that are relevant to your products and services. Herbalife shows us the power of doing so, as it ranks for all the top five search terms mentioned here, but also uses terms like “health,” “healthy life,” “nutrition,” and “better life.”

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