Time to Find Your PPC Easter Eggs

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Easter is a fertile time for traffic and e-commerce. While it lasts, the best returns are open only to those with a tight PPC strategy and who are ready to start optimising their campaign for the top keywords.

With important events like Easter Sunday around the corner, users are already searching for seasonal products and services. As Fluid Creativity observes, this market is highly mature – so many people and companies are producing Easter-related content but readers will be filtering out the lion’s share of it.

To capitalise on this fertile period, your business needs a strategy that will not only grab attention, but also target the right audience.

Top Keyword Trends

As with most major holidays, seasonal keywords go through the roof around Easter, with some keywords already picking up steam. As you might expect, easter eggs is a popular search for this period, but easter egg actually has greater traction, according to Google trends:You might also find youtube easter eggs or google easter eggs amongst the relevant keywords, but it’s best to steer clear of them if you actually want people to buy Easter-themed goodies from your site. People typing in these search phrases are likely not looking for chocolate eggs, but for secret quirks within the Google and YouTube UIs.

Date- and year-related terms such as easter 2015 and when easter 2015 are also big – and rising – according to Google Trends. The same caution applies in this case, as people may be using these keywords to find school holiday dates and other unrelated information, but you can easily rectify this problem by adding them as negative keywords to your campaign.

[lightbox rel=”group1″ width=”860″ href=”https://www.adthena.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/EasterEggs.png” title=”Easter keywords traffic, Adthena data” src=”https://www.adthena.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/EasterEggs.png”][/lightbox]
Easter keywords traffic, Adthena data

Looking at last year’s Adthena data for a number of Easter-related keyword terms, we can see that the highest-ranking keywords being used by grocery competitors to strengthen their grip on the Easter shoppers were easter egg offers, easter gifts and easter egg deals. Tesco also had a slight lift from its brand term tesco easter eggs, although it only really had traction before and after Easter rather than throughout.

We can see from the data that competitors only started pushing their deals in March, so there’s still time to think about your strategy to take onboard the trends people are already searching for in Google.

Curate Easter Content

In order to get the search traffic you deserve, give your Easter content and products pride of place on your site. As Fluid Creativity recommends, snag search traffic and simplify your customers’ experience by creating an Easter landing page with Easter-related products and information and an Easter-themed name.

It also makes sense to produce some relevant, high-quality Easter-centric content. Don’t forget to unify all of your Easter posts under a single blog tag, which will create a page for that tag on your blog that is more likely to rank in Google. This will also give interested users a single location where they can access your seasonal content.

As you can see from this year’s trend data, interest is already growing around Easter. Now more than ever is the time to start planning your PPC and content strategy. We’ll be following the data closely throughout the holiday, so stay tuned for our analysis-driven blog post to come after the dust settles.

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