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It’s a simple idea that even the most unstylish people know: fashion is cyclical. What might be trendy one year will be hidden in the back of the cupboard a few months later, but leave it long enough and the chances are it will come into style again. Of course, there a few wardrobe essentials that might transcend the sartorial merry-go-round, and if you look at recent years, you might see playsuits cropping up again and again. Marie Claire this year dubbed them a “summer staple” that will be around for years to come, and a look at how people have been searching for the outfit shows how the trend has grown:

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Looking at the terms playsuit and playsuits, we can see how searches grew between 2011 and 2013, with a peak in 2014, and levels of searching this year not far behind. The playsuit, it seems, is here to stay, at least, in the summer season, when searches tend to grow:

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Each July, searches for playsuits peak, as people seek out the best offers and where they can go to buy their preferred style. There’s a huge opportunity for retailers to seize on this information and target their PPC budget into the category each summer, but is anyone making the most of it?

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Using Adthena, we created a search term group using terms like playsuit and playsuits for women, to see which retailers were competing for traffic on the terms. It’s a competitive marketplace, with several retailers appearing across the terms, but it’s the highlighted line on this trend chart which shows who is taking the most interesting approach. While New Look and Misguided battle for the dominant share of voice across the period, with House of Fraser making a powerful but short-lived land grab at the end of April, it’s Next which really capitalises on the July trend in the explosion for playsuit searches. From a standing start, Next launches into the market exactly as July kicks off, leaping to 20% of the share of voice in just a couple of days. It maintains a healthy share of voice for the rest of the month, before dialing back its campaign in August, just when searches are declining. With Next on the scene, and Boohoo also making a noise, rivals like Misguided, ASOS and House of Fraser all see their share of voice decline under the weight of a new competitor.

It’s proof that a new competitor into the market can have a huge impact on your own campaigns, and the ROI you’ll see on them. Being able to keep tabs on those kinds of changes, through a powerful solution like Adthena, helps marketers monitor their entire landscape, and react to these kinds of disruptions. Fashion may be cyclical, but intelligence never goes out of style.

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