Has the Football Season had a Positive Effect for German Sports Retailers?

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One month after the opening match of the Fußball-Bundesliga, we look at the PPC keyword data related to fußball (football).
Online retailers work hard to make their products easy for fans to find. The Fußball-Bundesliga started up again on August 22, and now German fans are looking to purchase new jerseys in support of their teams. With the highest average match attendance of any football league, the Bundesliga is the focus of a loyal fanbase and the impetus for huge merchandise sales.

Football team jerseys (German: fußball trikots) make up a large share of those sales, and for online advertisers, trikots is the hottest keyword related to fußball (sometimes typed “fussball”).

Bundesliga Season

Typing “Bundesliga football” into Google.com reveals that, regardless of location, the third most popular search term is “Bundesliga football shirts,” meaning that those interested in the Bundesliga are quite frequently in the market for a new trikot.


On Google.de, the results are slightly different and show a greater interest amongst the German population in Bundesliga fixtures. Perhaps more German brick-and-mortar retailers sell Bundesliga shirts than those abroad, or maybe the majority of locals already own a shirt and don’t splash out on a new one simply due to a minor design change.


FIFA World Cup 2014

Prior to the Bundesliga 2014-15, FIFA’s 20th World Cup presented a large draw for football shirt sales. Accordingly, the international tournament had an effect on shirt searches: the competition ran from 12 June – 13 July 2014. The corresponding increase in searches from August through September 2013 is quite clear, perhaps the result of fans preparing well in advance of the competition (even earlier than Christmas shoppers usually begin preparations for the holiday season!).

And as the World Cup drew nearer, German fans bought more jerseys to show support for the team.

Retailer Traffic and CPC Trends Over the Last 12 Months

The retailer 11teamsports.de dominated traffic for football-related terms throughout most of the 2013-14 season, lasting from August until May. However, during the months of April and May – with the regular season coming to a close – traffic related to their campaign dropped sharply from 2,300 to just above 500.

In contrast to 11teamsports.de, Amazon.de’s traffic started to rise in March, and exceeded that of all competing retailers by at least a multiple of two by the end of June, at which point it started to drop off. Amazon’s traffic sank into second place a month later.


Fussball-shop.de consistently held the top spot in terms of the amount they paid per click, even though it varied significantly throughout the period. By contrast, Amazon.de’s rate paid per click remained relatively constant throughout the last 12 months, but remained at least 20% lower at all times.

This makes Amazon’s summer peak in traffic somewhat perplexing, although obviously some correlation exists between the retailer’s efforts and off-season or World Cup shopping sales.

Interestingly, Tricot-sponsoring.com received almost no traffic between August 2013 and April 2014, yet witnessed a sharp increase to over 1,000 in the summer months of 2014 as the FIFA World Cup raged on in Brazil.


Trends over the Last 30 Days

Share of voice

An investigation into the more recent search history of football-related terms reveals that Amazon.de has the most traffic on sponsored clicks, with a 12.76 percent share of voice (SOV), and fanandmore.de comes in second with 10.82 percent.

11teamsports.de again presents an interesting performance case. While it ranks only fourth in sponsored SOV and, accordingly, sponsored traffic, it outranks even Amazon in overall traffic. Amazon bid on the most keywords similar to “fussball,” and their spending was the highest by a significant amount. This is an indication that 11teamsports.de may have a better SEO for these keywords than the behemoth retailer, allowing them to attract more traffic naturally.


Clicks per Day

“Fussball trikots” and “fußball trikots” held the top two positions for keywords related to fussball, with 30 and 25 clicks per day, respectively, and identical CPCs that were much lower than any other keywords. By this metric, “Fußball schuhe” (“shoes”) held the next spot. “Fussball shop,”  came in a distant fourth.

What Key Terms to Bid on?

They key terms retailers seemed to focus on were fußball/fussball trikots, and they both had high competition, a low average CPC, and high coverage. The terms drove total traffic of 6,400 clicks between August 22 and Sept 19.
Keywords making up the rest of the top searches include “fußball schuhe,” “fussball shop,” “fussball schuhe” (note spelling), “fussball bekleidung” (“clothing”), and “adidas fussball.”


How Much Are They Spending?

Amazon.de is the highest spender on keywords similar to fussball, with a spending total of €2,600 per month according to Adthena’s estimates. They bid on 44 keywords.

Fanandmore.de is the second highest spender and focusses on only six keywords. The retailer spends around €1,800 per month on these fussball-related keywords.

How to Build a Successful Campaign

While success is never guaranteed, the best way to achieve your marketing goals is through constant evaluation of your PPC campaign and measuring its performance against that of your competitors. Adthena’s service can help with this benchmarking and you can also see what strategies are working for your competitors and improve upon them, beating the opposition where it matters to you most.

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