Google AdWords Live Chat Ad Extension Now In Beta!

Lorna Rose Gill Posted by Lorna Rose Gill

Recently Google announced another addition to Google Adwords Ad Extensions This new Ad extension enables users to “Live Chat” with the advertisers while they search for a specific keyword. The Adwords Live Chat Extension has not been announced by Google yet but we hope to hear more news from them in the coming days.

This recent addition to Live Chat extension will reduce the time in contacting your leads and qualifying them while it brings more responsibilities for the companies to stay active while their campaigns are being displayed.


Previously Google launched Adwords Communication/Email Extensions, Adwords Social Ad Extensions, Adwords Product Ad Extensions, Adwords Call Ad Extensions, Adwords Sitelink Extensions.

I look forward in seeing how Live Chat extension gets used by the digital marketers. Please do share if you see any other variations of Ad Extensions or have experienced in using the Live Chat extension. We would love to hear & share your exciting experience.

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Lorna Rose Gill
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