Google+ Pages Announced

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Google+ Pages Announced

The wait is over, Google officially announced Google Pages on the 7th of November. That adds up to Google’s complete package of social media tools to rival Facebook and others. Google+ Pages have been combined with Google’s basic Web SERPs which gives an advantage to companies and people using Google pages as they are likely to do better in SERPs and clear the clout of brand duplication or personality imposters.

Social networking has just become a free-for-all, I had only started to grasp the understanding of Facebook and now that Google has launched Pages for Google Plus which just brings me down to step one in understanding how social networking, Google+, Google Pages and its integration with Adwords and Direct Connect.

Creating a Page;

Pages are only available to those having a regular Google+ account. If Google has rolled out in your region you should a message towards the right of your Google+ account to “create a page”. Once clicked on it you will see an initial page creation form, which asks the information as a brand name, URL and it would look something like this;


Uptil now the restrictions on managing a Page is only restricted to whoever creates the brand page, it is not transferable and nor can its administration be shared with someone else. Google has promised to to roll these options out in the future but for now its very improtant that you assign your company page to a social media account holder who manages your social campaigns. In addition to that Google is not allowing vanity or Brand Specific Page names but hopefully they will be providing these changes soon.

Another advantage Google Pages have over Facebook Pages is you can change your brand name easily which comes with the revarification of an already varified page.

The contrivortial removal of + in Google Search;

Direct Connect lets searchers find your page stright from basic search bar. This will only happen for those pages that Google thinks are directly relevant to the search, if its linked and if someone searches for a + symbol in front of its name.


Google has also released a short video on how Direct Connect works.

It’s likely that you can’t do anything if someone else takes your page but as per the report by Search Engine Land, Google aims to targets this issue by verification of brands. Without verification Direct Connect will not display results on Google results.

As mentioned earlier Google pages are shown in natural listings and to Link your page with your website Google have posted these help videos.

Few of the business that have already got a decent flowing are below and maybe you want to benchmark them to start your Google Page campaign?


Helpful links on Google+ and Brand Pages;



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