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Ian O'Rourke Posted by Ian O'Rourke


When the leading hotel brand in the UK realised a large portion of their customers originated from France and Italy they decided to focus additional effort and budgets on those markets to increase their share of French and Italian travelers visiting the UK. Since they did not have local operations in those countries they conducted all their international PPC from London.

First they used competitive intelligence tools to understand who were the most successful hotel operators in France and Italy, what were their local budgets, their most successful keywords and adcopy. Armed with this knowledge they were able to secure the necessary PPC budgets internally and quickly design campaigns that would appeal to the local audiences, offers needed to be attractive and catchy but also reflect what was already the most successful ad copy in those markets – something a good competitive intelligence tool can tell you right away.


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Ian O'Rourke
Ian O'Rourke
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