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Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji Posted by Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji

One of the major challenges in search is getting actionable intelligence and insights from large datasets. Visualization tools and APIs can be used to discover bespoke insights, however building integrated data workflows can still be challenging.

Adthena Labs is a new feature of the Adthena app with fresh visualizations, integrated workflows, and new ways of presenting data. Labs allows users to tap straight into their Adthena data, generate new visualizations, and discover incredible insights for search.

Now available to all users in the Adthena Platform, in Labs clients can see new and exciting data visualizations, and explore data which can feed further ideas. (Those interested in finding out more about Adthena Labs can also get a sneak peak of Adthena Labs by contacting an Adthena consultant).

What’s in Adthena Labs?

In first release of Adthena Labs, clients get access to Heatseeker.


Release 1: Heatseeker aids operational efficiency by giving users a snapshot of their entire market, and allowing them to highlight efficiencies or performance issues quickly and efficiently.

Benefitting from Adthena’s automated AI Categorization, Heatseeker has out of the box functionality and insights on specific Search Groups of an advertiser’s market. This goes deeper and providers additional insights on specific segments, if even an advertiser hasn’t set up Google Ads segments.

Heatseeker gives clients a visual, and easy to consume snapshot of their entire market, highlighting efficiencies or campaign inadequacies quickly and easily.

Who will benefit from Heatseeker?

“We’re finding Heatseeker is very interesting and useful. We’re highly interested in the competitive insights and ideally would like to incorporate it with our regular reports. The new feature is covering the gaps we needed to have a better view, and helps especially when talking to our wider teams.” 

– Adthena client, UK Fashion Retail

Users who want to see an overview of potential opportunities across their entire market, and are interested in new ways to generate insights that will compliment those across the rest of the application.

And because Heatseeker visualizations are exportable, Labs can also aid reporting workflows and discussions with stakeholders.

Use Heatseeker to view your entire Whole Market, identify which competitors present a specific threat in vulnerable categories, and see where you have the biggest opportunities.

Unleash your creativity with Adthena Labs today! For further information speak to your Customer Success Manager or Adthena Consultant.


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Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji
Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji
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