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Summer’s here, and most people’s thoughts will turn to holidays. But if you’re in  the business of providing holidays, it needs a bit more planning than that. When  do people look to book, or plan to travel? What do they search on, and exactly what are they looking for? A little bit of market intelligence can go a long way.

Take cruises, for example. If your ad strategy involved sponsored links in the  cruise 2014 keyword category, you were just one of 271 advertisers fighting for share of voice – so it was a bit noisy. Mind you, with 35,000 paid clicks in just 30 days, it was a market worth shouting about. Take a look at the keyword analysis of the top nine keywords for the last 30 days , and we see the top search term, with 5,745 paid clicks, about a third of the top nine, is fairly understandably ‘cruises 2014’. But look at the second and third search terms and we can gather a bit more intelligence.

SoV overview Cruise

Who is bidding on the term cruise

Over 3,000 paid clicks were for cruise deals, the second ranked term. Clearly consumers are still looking for bargains in trying economic times. This is reflected also in the ad copy: received the highest traffic levels in our survey, and their most dominant sales themes were Deals (238 references in the copy), Deal (258), Best (51) and Offers (46). They also used words like Today and Now to create a sense of urgency.

The third ranked term, with 12% is Mediterranean cruises, or over 16% if you include Med cruises. With Caribbean also in the top nine, and Baltic ranking highly as well, consumers are often already decided on their destinations before weighing up their deal or operator options. Though others are clearly deciding on their cruise operator first, with clicks on P&O (in two spellings) and Thomson, and Cunard also featuring highly in ad copy. Finally, port of departure also features heavily in consumers minds, with Southampton ranking highly, and Liverpool the next ranked.

There’s yet more to consider when planning your PPC campaign. The most popular months included in the search terms are March and April, followed by August and then November, clear indications of the key times UK consumers are considering going on a cruise.

So how did all these considerations pan out in Adthena? received the highest traffic levels for the keyword group, with a healthy 7.19% of sponsored SOV. What’s more, they also have the lowest average CPC of £1.61. had the highest spend, with £4,186 generating 2,064 paid clicks. Yet, with a similar spend of £4,130, generated 24% more paid clicks than

PPC management is a constant race for the best rankings and the highest share of voice. At Adthena, our market intelligence gives our customers the opportunity to make considered decisions when planning their PPC campaigns, or spot opportunities (or threats) as they arise in their markets.

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