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Did you survive?

Back in April, the world of search underwent what was meant to be a massive shift, known, scarily enough, as Mobilegeddon.

Prophesied as a shake-up so large it would see mobile-unfriendly sites banished from Google’s results pages, when the event actually came, the results weren’t quite as dramatic. Sectors such as finance, with established marketing strategies and sites already set up for mobile, saw no major shakeups across April and May, but the underlying message was clear – mobile is a key part of search, and will continue to be.

Adthena is taking part today in the Mobile Marketing Finance Summit, organised by Mobile Marketing, and decided to look at how different industries are adapting to change, and where the finance sector in particular fits in.

We looked at how mobile compared to desktop, specifically comparing the ratio of impression share of mobile to the impression share of desktop for market leaders in different sectors.

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What we can see is that the leading performers in the finance sector are doing well in moving towards the mobile market, investing more in the area than sectors such as telecoms and insurance, and as a result securing a solid ratio in its impression share of mobile to desktop. Betting firms have led the way in the shift, with heavy investment, and manage to produce an impressive ratio of around 150%. The gaming sector’s strong performance shows the direction that the market tends to head in as it becomes increasingly mature.

If we look at how businesses can find success in the mobile sector, there are a few strategies that are worth thinking about. On a mobile device, there are fewer ad spaces that appear “above the fold” (that is, on your screen without scrolling down), meaning the battle for position is even more competitive. One of the key tactics marketers can use is the mobile-preferred ad, specifically tailoring ads for mobile devices. The following chart shows the percentage of ads for each industry that show on mobile and are mobile-preferred as a setting.

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Finance as a sector is here lagging behind both insurance and retail in terms of its mobile-preferred ads, and a long way behind the maturity of the gaming market. Stepping these up is a smart way to contextualise ads and get them into the all-important spots on top of the mobile SERPs.

In a market that is always evolving, marketers have to stay alert to the latest developments and understand how their competition is reacting to the same changes. A solution like Adthena, the leading source of competitive intelligence for search, ensures businesses stay on top of every change in the market, even in the fast-moving mobile arena. When the next Mobilegeddon comes, it will pay to be prepared.

The full presentation on the relevance of mobile search for finance given at the summit will be turned into a webinar – check back on the Adthena site soon for a closer look at the changing market

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