Why a Mobile Website Can Boost Your PPC Exposure

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We explain why having both an effective mobile site and mobile PPC strategy is a must for your business, and how you and Adthena can work together to make sure your ads go all the way.

Many of us use multiple tech devices that enhance and bring ease to our daily lives. Whether we’re shopping or socialising, working or playing, focussed on fitness, or hooked on gaming, it’s now possible to carry out any of these pastimes on the go – taking part in what Google calls “micro-moments“.

As a result, mobile has evolved into an imperative component of modern business, and you need a mobile PPC strategy to take advantage of the potential and boost your ROI.

The Time Is Now

While mobile PPC is nothing new, leading PPC consultant Lisa Raehsler told Acquisio that even now in 2015, “the majority of advertisers have not upgraded their websites for mobile devices,” a major stumbling block when trying to boost brand visibility.

This summer, Google estimated that mobile is ten time more valuable than marketers currently believe it to be, pointing to a huge opportunity for smart businesses to make the most of.

No longer the cherry on the marketing cake, mobile is now one of the main courses. The time to strike is now.

Why Focus on Mobile?

The Google Mobile Playbook stresses that “mobile changes everything.”

In fact, Google has announced it will be putting more focus on mobile websites, with the introduction of its mobile search index. If your business has a mobile website, it will not only have more impact on desktop rankings, it will mean you’re one step of your competitors who may find their ranking will completely drop off when consumers search on their mobile.

Technology is improving all the time to make the online experience easier and more seamless. This means that consumers now feel more comfortable moving from one device to another when researching and completing transactions. The message should be consistent but the wording, tone of voice and copy has to be adapted.

Getting It Right

Constant connectivity leads to marketing opportunities. Think about what your customers need most from your business, then concentrate on ways you can deliver those things to them with a strong mobile division.

As the importance of mobile continues to surge, being prepared for mobile search means being prepared for now and the future. Businesses interacting with their customers on slick mobile sites appear more efficient, professional, and up-to-date to online consumers.

According to Google, one out of five mobile searches have local intent. Relating content to variables like location, proximity, and time of day is one of the best ways you can distinguish your mobile interface from your desktop.

Show your customers that you care about making things easier for them – create an online home base for your business that anyone can operate from anywhere.

Adthena Mobile

As an advertiser, it can be difficult to know how much or how little to invest in mobile. Like any area of PPC, it’s important to constantly revise your strategy to ensure you stay on top of the competition.

Once your site is optimised for mobile, the next step is to move in on the competition and ensure your website is relevant and reflects the offers and information provided in your ad copy.

Adthena’s Mobile Search Data Analysis is the most effective resource currently available on the market for illuminating your competitive landscape for mobile search.

You are able to compare your mobile performance to your desktop performance, tracking the keywords that are most clicked on both platforms, and also take a look at whether your mobile ads generated more interest, or if your ad copy targeted to desktop was more successful.

Comparing this information to your competitors’ mobile performance shows where you can gain ground and improve your mobile visibility to lead those mobile customers to become mobile purchasers.

Having access to all this detailed information at your fingertips allows you to make informed decisions when it comes to things like keyword choices and budgets, which, in return will boost your ROI.

Want to learn more about Adthena Mobile? Request a free demo of our services.

Whether at home or on the move, we know how essential it is that your customers find your ads as soon as they need them. Now you can access and assess them just as quickly.

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