When is the Peak for Online Betting?

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We investigate the peak times for online betting and how you can use this to your advantage to maximise your advertising strategy.

With online betting, users can roll the dice any time of day. So when is online betting most popular? Weekends or Weekdays?

Peak Times: Weekends and, Occasionally, Midweek

Adthena data from the two top competitors, William Hill and Sky Poker, indicates that Saturdays and Sundays experience the most customer reach. However, certain weekdays experience high traffic as well. After slower participation on Mondays, traffic increases again midweek and towards the weekend.


Similar peak times are evident in data from other competitors like Ladbrokes.com, which experiences a noticeable increase in user participation closer to the weekend, after a decline on Monday. Thus Wednesdays and Thursdays should also be noted as peak times.

Midweek Peak Times for National Lottery

Unlike other betting sites, National Lottery experiences the highest traffic on Wednesdays and Fridays, when the lottery draw takes place, rather than on weekends. The site experiences a decrease in customer reach once the draw has taken place.

Competitor Spending

Let’s take a look at how the spending by top competitors changes throughout the month. William Hill, the leader in paid share-of-voice and share-of-spend, experiences a noticeable decline in its share-of-spend towards the end of the weekend, as well as midweek, as seen in the image below.


Sky Poker experiences noticeable changes towards the end of the week and on the weekend. Both Sky Poker and William Hill have a general decrease in share-of-spend towards the end of the month.

888.com had slightly more noticeable changes in its share-of-spend throughout the month. Data shows sudden changes midweek and from Tuesday to end-of-week, and a decline in share-of-spend over the weekend.

Towards the end of the month, there is a general increase in share-of-spend, specifically at the beginning of the week and before the last weekend of the month.

Keywords that Advertisers are Missing Out On

Certain underused keywords have a great potential for your advertising strategy.

For example, “Euromillions” has the highest predicted monthly paid traffic, a reasonable estimated cost per click (CPC), and a low number of competitors. William Hill, the leader in share-of-voice, bids on “Euromillions jackpot tonight”.

“Euro millions” as two words is another potential keyword, although it has a significantly lower amount of predicted monthly traffic than as a single word.

“Irish lottery” is another potential keyword. Though it has half the potential traffic as “euromillions,” probably because it is only targeting Irish consumers, it has a low CPC and is currently used by William Hill. “Sky poker” is another keyword for advertisers (when excluding brand terms) to note.

It draws the third most potential traffic, but the CPC is 44 times as large as that of “Irish lottery”. It is currently used by Sky Poker and has eight competitors compared to “euro millions” and “Irish lottery,” which have one and four respectively.

“Lotto” is fourth out of the top potential keywords, yet it is not used by any of the top competitors – William Hill, Sky Poker or Paddy Power, despite both William Hill and Paddy Power both offering the opportunity to bet on the Irish Lotto.

It has few competitors, a reasonable amount of potential monthly paid traffic, and its estimated CPC is slightly higher than that of “euromillions” and “Irish lottery.”

Take Advantage of Peak Times and Missing Keywords

Advertisers should take advantage of the peak times for online betting by maximising their strategy just before or during these times. The peak times generally occur during the weekend, but also during some weekdays such as Wednesday.

These times often correlate with particular events on some online betting outlets such as Lotto Draw on National Lottery. Advertisers should use keywords such as “euromillions,” “irish lottery” and “lotto” if they offer the games, since they have the potential to bring in more traffic at an affordable price.

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