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The Changing Face of DIY PPC: Seasonality Is Key

By Lorna Gill — 4th June 2015 — Adthena

With a cluster of bank holidays falling between April and May, this stretch of the calendar is a popular one for DIY maintenance. Here, we’ll take a look at how exactly keyword trends have developed…

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Pet Insurance Comparison Becomes a Hot PPC Topic in 2015

By Lorna Gill — 2nd June 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

Experts predict a significant increase in the number of pet owners investing in insurance for their cuddly friends this year. How exactly will this affect current insurance provider offerings? (more&h…

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Csiro and Paleo Diets Prove Popular Over Summer

By Lorna Gill — 26th May 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

What’s behind the triumphant strategies of Lite n’ Easy, Jenny Craig, and Total Wellbeing Diet, and how can the companies replicate these successes to improve their rankings? (more…)

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Prioritise the Marketing Message for PPC Success

By Lorna Gill — 19th May 2015 — Adthena

As PPC industry experts witness a shift in the field of search marketing, we take a look at how trends in the production and reception of ad copy are changing and how marketers can harness these insig…

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