Using PPC to Look Cool in the Summer Heat

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Summer is looming in Australia, which means long days and hot sun. For most people, that’s an excuse for getting out in the great outdoors, but when the temperature is high, so is the risk, with Australia having one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, despite years of effort to persuade people to “Slip, slop, slap, seek, slide” – that is, slip on a shirt, slop on some suncreen, slap on a hat, seek some shade, and slide on some sunglasses.

Optometry Australia has long campaigned for people to protect their eyes from bright sunlight during the Australian summer, warning people about the danger of eye damage during the day, even at times you might not expect. Consumers in Australia are lucky when it comes to buying sunglasses, with strict regulations in the country about UV ratings or EPF, “eye protection factor”. Knowing that they are shopping for legitimate products helps people shop with confidence, and a look at Google Trends shows a very obvious boom time for people searching and shopping for sunglasses.

This chart shows searches for the term “sunglasses” in Australia over the past few years, and it clearly shows that people searching peaks in the final stretch of the year, before Christmas, as the Australian summer begins to take hold. The trend is holding true in 2015 too, with searches spiking as October kicks off:

There’s obviously a big market for sunglasses retailers to make the most of at this time of year, so we’re taking a look at some of the big players in Australia to see who is taking advantage of the seasonal rush:

It’s a competitive market, with international retailer Sunglass Hut and Australian powerhouse Clearly dominating the past month when it comes to share of voice on sunglasses-related search terms. However, the highlighted blue line, which shows OPSM’s share of voice, is what’s really interesting, coming out of nowhere at the very end of September to jump into contention, immediately taking the second largest share of voice, and even gaining the top spot from Sunglass Hut at one point. OPSM manages to secure three of the top ten adverts over the past month, at a lower overall spend than advertisers with ads appearing beneath them in the rankings, thanks to a targeted effort and quality ads, focusing on a “Spring Style” offer with money off as a reward for spending over a certain amount:

It’s a smart and focused strategy that is clearly paying off for the brand, and one which its competitors will have to address.

When a brand enters a competitive and time-sensitive marketplace like OPSM has here, it has a huge and direct impact on the success of its competitors. The only way to adequately react is to be able to stay on top of these kinds of smart moves, with a solution like Adthena that helps explain your entire competitive landscape, showing you everything from share of voice to ad copy analysis, along with head to head keyword comparisons and brand infringements. Wearing shades in the summer will help protect your eyes, but competitive intelligence is what protects your business.

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