The Top 10 Most Influential People in UK PPC

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Although the US PPC industry seems to be streets ahead of the UK’s PPC industry, we have our fair share of influencers, too. And if you’re working in the UK marketing industry, you should be following their musings wherever you can find them.

Influential people all have something in common: they promote ideas and expertise on a subject to a wide follower base. Although the majority of those working in the marketing scene are based in the US, there’s a whole lot of talent in the UK, too.

We’ve put together a list (in no particular order) of those we consider to be the most influential people in UK PPC this year and explained why we think each has had such an impact on the industry.

Don’t agree with us? Tweet the celebrities you think we missed using the hashtag #UKPPCInfluencers2015 and @Adthena. We’ll be collating a follow-up post of your favourites towards the end of the year.


We used a range of different metrics to determine who we consider to be the most influential people in UK PPC, including:

FollowerWonk: FollowerWonk is a great tool for finding the Twitter influencers in any particular field. It searches through biographies to find people in relevant industries, and you can add other filters too, such as location.

We used FollowerWonk to find people working in sponsored search and biddable media, using their social authority (worked out using number of followers vs. following vs. tweets and interactions) as a start to our research.

Synthesio: Synthesio is a social listening tool that uses a range of parameters to find who’s being most talked about in the industry, what they’re talking about, and to whom.

It uses its own scoring system based on the person or company’s presence on social media and other online sites to give a fully-rounded idea of how influential a person is in their particular sector.

LinkedIn: Once we had found our master list of influencers using FollowerWonk and Synthesio, we cut it down by trawling LinkedIn to see how each person was using their professional profiles to promote themselves as influencers.

Are they posting content on LinkedIn? Are they sharing insightful content? How many interactions do they rack up on the site?

Lukasz Zelezny, head of organic search at USwitch, PPC conference speaker

Twitter: @LukaszZelezny
LinkedIn: Lukasz’ profile

Lukasz shares a lot of relevant content about the SEM industry to his 32,500 Twitter followers, offering tips and tricks regarding best practice and frequently responding to queries from his followers.

He also speaks at a number of events and has made many of his presentations available on Slideshare in an attempt to share his expertise with the world!

Will Newland, founder and director of Sobold

Twitter: @Newlandw
LinkedIn: Will’s profile

Will Newland is a very well-connected member of the SEM community. He’s happy to recommend the best of the best in content marketing, sponsored search, and other areas of digital marketing to his 15,300 followers.

He has also published articles on LinkedIn Pulse, promoting various SEM themes, including organic search, apps, and social media.

Jim Banks, global head of biddable media at Cheap Flights

Twitter: @jimbanks
LinkedIn: Jim’s profile

Jim Banks tweets out nuggets of intelligence to his 5,000 followers on Twitter, giving insights on anything that’s AdWords-related, as well as device-centric marketing, analytics, and getting the most from PPC.

He’s also a speaker at a number of high-profile SEM events such as the SEJ Summit, as well as a judge for the European Search Awards.

Mark Tillison, managing director of Tillison Consulting

Twitter: @tillison
LinkedIn: Mark’s profile

When he isn’t running his own digital marketing agency, Mark is a speaker on all things digital marketing, including PPC, SEO, and social media.

And he doesn’t just give advice by tweeting to his 5,000 Twitter followers about how to use AdWords for the biggest gains — he’s also a trainer and advisor for companies wanting to leverage their position.

Clare Chambers, search marketer at We Are Squared

Twitter: @ClareBChambers
LinkedIn: Clare’s profile

Clare doesn’t just advise companies on the digital marketing industry (including paid advertising campaigns). She also assesses candidates for Google’s Squared Online qualification that certifies the smartest digital marketers around.

She can usually be found tweeting about leadership and marketing to her 3,500 followers, and publishes regularly to Medium.

Alex Guest, paid search manager at Prodo Digital

Twitter: @alexander_guest
LinkedIn: Alex’s profile

Alex might only have 500 followers on Twitter, but he’s a dab hand at writing engaging content about the biddable media and data analytics industries.

He’ll also keep you up to date on any Google updates, and will guide you through some of the most common PPC mistakes brands are making. Of course, he always finds time in-between to contribute to industry publications, as well.

Samantha Noble, marketing director at Koozai, co-chief editor at State of Digital

Twitter: @Koozai_Sam
LinkedIn: Sam’s profile

Sam is an active member of the marketing community and founded @digitalfemales, an initiative to leverage the position of women in digital industries. She certainly knows her stuff, so it will come as no surprise that she’s also co-chief editor of State of Digital.

She tweets inspirational content about everything and anything to do with digital marketing, including SEO and PPC, to her 3,700 followers on Twitter.

Michael Madew, founder and MD at Intelligent PPC

Twitter: @IntelligentPPC
LinkedIn: Michael’s profile

Michael has a whopping 66,700 followers on Twitter, and that should come as no surprise. His Twitter account offers the perfect balance between engaging, personal updates, essential information to help marketers achieve total PPC success, and funny observations about the PPC industry. A definite must-follow!

Sam Hurley, head of search at Midas Media

Twitter: @sam__hurley
LinkedIn: Sam’s profile

Sam Hurley is an active retweeter, sharing resources from a variety of industry publications with his 39,500 followers. He also contributes valuable content to the company’s blog, giving marketers and executives the key insights they need to make educated decisions about their SEO and PPC strategies.

Dan Sharp, founder and director of Screaming Frog

Twitter: @screamingfrog
LinkedIn: Dan’s profile

Dan Sharp is quite the conversationalist on Twitter — he engages his audience by asking them questions and triggering conversations around the PPC and search markets.

He also shares content from some of the industry’s leading blogs with his 9,500 followers, whether it’s a funny meme, an in-depth analysis of a Google update, or the promotion of an industry event.

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