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Lorna Rose Gill Posted by Lorna Rose Gill

As Digital Marketers I am sure everyone of us came across this problem where we either over spend our campaign budgets or under cut it because of the fear of not knowing what our competitors are doing.

Adthena solves that problem, recently Adthena saved £500,000 for one of our clients in Insurance Industry.

View the video to understand how we made that happen:


Video Transcript:

How Adthena saved one of our clients more than half a million pounds using our competitive intelligence tools. One of Adthena large clients is an insurance company that operates multiple brands in the market. as everyone knows that insurance is an extremely competitive market place for search where up-to 70% of their acquisitions come from search marketing.

The insight we found using Adthena was that their major competitor was turning their campaigns off over the weekend because their call center wasn’t open. This should mean that our client should get extra traffic, have lower budget and lower CPCs on weekends.

The problem was that they did not get that, we actually saw they did get extra traffic however they spent more and their CPC went up on the weekends. What we uncovered was that their own brands were competing against one and other to fill the void left by the major competitor.

Through further analysis using Adthena’s tools we were able to reconfigure their tools, to get the extra traffic and redeploy half a million in savings to higher converting days during the week. Ultimately this meant that they were able to drive millions of pounds of extra business with the same budget.

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Lorna Rose Gill
Lorna Rose Gill
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