Why PPC Can Be Every Digital Marketer’s "Secret ROI Weapon"

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With paid search rapidly becoming part of the digital marketing DNA and rendering conventional tools obsolete, it’s time to find your new secret weapon in a cut-throat PPC market.

Paid search has become an intensely complex issue for marketers, as it has upended the world of digital marketing by revolutionising the old-fashioned advertising platform model and creating inventory available for purchase.

If you want to use the full potenital of PPC as part of your digital marketing strategy, make the most of your budget, and remain competitive, you will need a secret weapon to help you gain the upper hand amongst your competitors.

An SEO World Is Not Enough

Tempted by the prospect of reaching potential customers ‘for free’ and easily via high rankings on search engines, many marketers would prefer to just apply standard SEO practices to their campaigns. Over the last few years, however, adjustments to Google’s algorithm have changed the rules of the game.

Although updates such as Panda, Penguin, Venice, Top Heavy (which checks for too many Adsense ads), and the like are great news for everyone interested in high-quality search, they have also turned organic search on its head and made many businesses completely rethink their digital strategy.

Paid search is thus critical to the inbound marketing process. In industries such as e-commerce, communications, banking, and insurance, competition has become so intense that success now requires more than a solid budget, effective bid management, and methodical monitoring. You need a secret weapon to boost your campaign efficiency.

Paid Search in Inbound Marketing

With businesses investing reasonable budgets in order to measure results accurately, pay-per-click has become one of the most efficient approaches to online advertising. The other principle advantages of PPC include precise targeting, relatively high cost-effectiveness, paying per click rather than per impression, and fast results.

And this doesn’t even include the potential audience. Just think of all those online users looking for your products on Google and other search engines! As Internet Live Stats tells us, Google currently processes more than 40,000 search queries per second, or 3.5 billion searches every day.

Google searches per year

Imagine all these Core Advantages Augmented by Your Secret ROI Weapon!


By targeting specific keywords, PPC can help you precisely define and reach your target audience. What’s more, if you decide to take the AIDA model to new dimensions, you can improve ROI by creating ad copy with keywords that reflect user intent throughout every step of the purchasing process, as Certified Knowledge reports.

But wait, there’s more. How about a tool that gives you a cross section of your keywords, the keywords your competitors are using, and the overlap between the two portfolios?

Through an in-depth analysis of your market, Adthena can yield even more ROI from PPC budgets. It gives access to details such as where and when your closest competitors are spending, and to what extent your keyword lists overlap.

Knowing all these details will give you a clearer picture of your industry’s search landscape, thus leaving you free to fine-tune and alter your keyword list in order to reach more segments of your target audience and thereby get a better return on your investment.

ruling the PPC market

Gaps to Employ

In trying to reach buyers, brands sometimes have difficulty thinking beyond “traditional” keywords that have always worked in the past. The market changes fast, as does the way we look for information, and new potential search queries become available every day. In order to enjoy greater flexibility of keyword choice, businesses need to adopt a dynamic approach to keyword selection.

A truly effective secret weapon would allow you to pinpoint unused potential clicks – those relevant keywords and key phrases that neither you nor your competitors have thought to employ.

Adthena’s approach uses a dynamic set of keywords and phrases, which adapts to match search trends that change with the season and as new competitors, products, and services enter the market.

With this tool, you can easily gain the upper hand over your competitors by eliminating keywords and ads that are not bringing you the traffic they should be. By locating missed opportunities, this tool helps you increase average CTR and enhance campaign performance.

Metrics and Metrics Again

A successful PPC campaign both begins and ends with measuring KPIs: this step is essential to your digital marketing efforts, as they enable you to shift strategy on-the-go and apply A/B split testing more accurately – both hardly feasible with conventional tools.

Armed with your secret weapon from Adthena, you will track both your most efficient ads and the keywords that drive traffic to a particular advert. It also gives you access to competitors’ adverts and an opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes – both valuable lessons that money can’t buy.

At the end of the day, by using a competitive secret weapon to use the full power of PPC as part of your inbound marketing strategy, you will leverage resources and make the most of your time and efforts.

By helping you shift your focus, alter copy on time, explore the market through a different perspective, and eventually create ads that drive more traffic to your website, smart tools represent the clear path to success.

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