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According to the old saying, ignorance is bliss, but any search marketer who uses it as their motto is probably an out-of-work search marketer. Gaining knowledge is one of the chief objectives of anyone involved in search marketing, as they attempt to compete in a constantly-shifting landscape. In a world where even the smallest advantages can lead to crucial ROI boosts, it makes sense to make the most of any edge you might have, and that’s why making sure your SEO and PPC work together can be a game changer.

In Adthena’s latest White Paper, the third in a series on marketing effectiveness looking at SEO and PPC, we’ve focused in on the gaming and energy sectors, to see how some of the biggest brands in each area is using the two arms of their SEM.

For example, if we look at the Share of Voice for a range of generic keywords across SEO and PPC used by a collection of the big gaming brands, we see a result like this:

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What this shows is a smart balancing act, with pretty much all the brands lining up nicely along the diagonal which shows they are owning roughly the same SOV for both paid and organic searches, with SkyBet standing out as the most effective player of all. If we break this down even further, and look at a specific brand, the results get even more interesting, as for example in this chart showing how Virgin Games is split across its paid and organic performance.

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href=”” title=”SEO and PPC share of voice for Virgin Games” src=””][/lightbox]

As we can see, on one keyword, its brand term, Virgin Games performs incredibly well, as one might expect. However, outside of this there is only a small scattering of keywords that are scoring anywhere above 20% in terms of SOV for organic searches, while its paid SOV performs better, but only reaching around 30% SOV. Choosing to invest in a wider variety of terms, with a combined SEO and PPC strategy, would help it expand its SOV considerably.

To find out more about how businesses are using SEO and PPC to complement each other, download our latest White Paper now. After all, ignorance may be bliss, but intelligence is even better.


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