[Webinar Recap] Protect your brand: the best brand offense is a good defence

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We know that 70% of marketing heads are worried about brand safety, and protecting digital brand equity can be a massive challenge for advertisers. In search particularly, brands may be facing competitive brand bidding and trademark infringements which threaten customer acquisition from the channel.

To discuss these challenges, and the potential solutions that could help solve brand protection challenges, Adthena hosted a webinar in collaboration with Optmyzr.

Brands will go to extraordinary lengths to protect brand equity. Burberry for example, famously burned $38million of unsold stock to prevent counterfeiters from copying their designs. While it might seem counter-intuitive, such is the threat to Burberry from underhand operators that the brand felt they needed to engage with proactive measures.

And it’s often the case that, when it comes to brand protection, that the best defense is a good offense. To properly tackle the challenges around brand bidding and trademark infringements, brands need to first understand the full extent of competitive brand activity, in order to be able to take appropriate measures.

You can watch a recording of the full webinar here.

Brand Protection Webinar

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