Epic PPC Fails

Epic PPC Fails and how to Avoid Them

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Although PPC and search marketing are both vital to a company’s success, it’s amazing to see the massive mistakes some brands still make today. Building a successful PPC presence can seem like…

Cruise market ad copy insights

Cruise Market Ad Copy Insights

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Using data from the UK we set out to identify the top ad copy trends for the online cruise market. The online cruise market in the UK is a highly competitive market space. We have identified the to…

black friday christmas

Gearing up for Christmas and Black Friday

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Get your AdWords campaigns geared up for Christmas and Black Friday Using 2015/16 data we identified the top search terms, trends, offers, messaging and USPs and created actionable insights to impl…

6 ways to outperform your competitors

6 Ways to Outsmart Your Competition in AdWords

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Outsmarting your competition in AdWords is a daunting task. It requires you to go beyond more common optimisation strategies and look at new ways of improving your campaigns. In this white paper we…