Retail Search Insights: Lone Rangers, Desktop vs Mobile, Brand Bidding, and more…

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You’re never lonely at the top. There’s always competition to keep you on your toes – or is there?

Adthena monitors the SERP 24/7 collecting daily performance insights, including market trends, ad copy and brand infringements.

Here’s a collection of insights we’ve observed from major retailers in the US and the competition, or lack thereof, that’s affecting the cost of their auction.

Best Buy spending ~$100k on lone rangers

best buy lone rangers

Adthena Report: Lone Rangers
Search Terms: 24
Est. Clicks: 1,593,562
Est. Spend: $97,820
Date Range: 12/22/2017-12/28/2017

The Adthena Lone Rangers report shows Best Buy spending nearly $100k over a week period, perhaps unnecessarily.

Lone Rangers are the Search Terms where the advertiser alone is showing Paid Ads and are also top of Organic listings.

Monitoring this kind of behavior can be a time-heavy job but the insight can create cost efficiencies, freeing up budget to invest in generic campaigns further down the funnel.


Google Shopping: Desktop vs Mobile

Google Shopping - Desktop - US Retail - Home & Garden

Google Shopping - Mobile - US - Retail - Home & Garden

Adthena Report: Market Trends – Google Shopping
Competitor Group: Home & Garden
Date Range: 01/28/2017-02/26/2018

This report shows the top 10 Google Shopping advertisers on desktop and mobile in Retail / Home & Garden during January and February. 

Walmart is by far the top advertiser on desktop but doesn’t even feature in the top 10 on mobile, where Amazon and Lowes fight it out for the top spot.

Sears also appear on desktop but do not appear on mobile.

Best Buy comes in at 10th on both desktop and mobile but completely drop out of the market on mobile toward the end of the period observed.

Do you know how your performance compares between desktop and mobile and how this compares to your competitors?


Partners spending less on Micheal Kors’ own brand terms

Michael Kors Brand Bidding

This chart shows the average price advertisers pay for Michael Kors branded terms.

Poshmark’s average price is significantly lower than and Macy’

Michael Kors pricing is higher than other online outlets for these terms but lower than traditional department stores.

We can see that Michael Kors’ pricing of similar product searches is higher than Macys, Jet, and Poshmark.

Are you aware how partner bidding is affecting your auction?


Walmart sees 200% growth

Walmart vs Best Buy Click Share

Adthena Report: Market Trends – PLA – Share of Clicks
Search Term Group: Nintendo
Date Range: 12/11/2017-01/09/2018

This graph shows that Walmart is starting to invest more in Google Shopping thereby strengthening their position on the SERP.

Here we can see they achieve approximately 200% increase in clickshare between December 27 and January 9.

This example shows how competitor behavior can change incrementally over time. You may not notice the effect that this has on your campaigns until your market share has diminished considerably and your ad spend has increased.

If you want to understand how Adthena data can provide intelligence to your search campaigns, get in touch with us and talk through your requirements.

Are you being bullied by Amazon in search?

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