How one simple move by SkyBet changed its whole market

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Everyone has heard the expression “a one horse race”, but when it comes to PPC, there are always plenty of other horses out there hoping to be first past the post. Healthy competition can help keep you on your toes, but how do you keep up when you don’t know what the competition is doing?

The gaming industry is a brilliant example of a robust marketplace, where competitors are all vying to get an edge and make it over the finish line in first place. Even a single scrap of info on what the competition is up to can help make a winning campaign – you just have to know where to find that game-changing info.

Take this for example, looking at share of voice (SOV) between Sky’s betting sites.

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At the end of April, it’s likely that a host of gaming firms felt a shift in the market, whether that be their SOV going down or their CPC going up. But what is less likely is that they knew where that shift was coming from – a piece of information that Adthena shows us clearly. While owning a range of gaming sites can help a company like Sky cover the market, the gaming giant took the seismic step of shifting its focus from a range of sites onto the main Skybet site, sending its SOV skyrocketing.

The impact on the wider market is decisive. After ditching spend on its secondary sites and focusing on Skybet, it’s overall SOV in the gaming sector began to climb, closing the gap on the market-leader William Hill in the following months.

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It’s not just William Hill who now has to look over its shoulder – at just the moment Skybet consolidated its aim and improved its position, also shedding SkyPoker, rival Paddy Power began to see its SOV slip and watch SkyBet pull away.

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Breaking down the insight even further, competitive intelligence consultant and gaming expert at Adthena Tom Collier said:

Through Adthena we see that SkyBet run a very strong competitor brand strategy, and bid on few generic terms. Therefore it’s striking to see SkyBet’s SOV when compared to other top players in the market in the above reports, as this is taken across thousands of keywords, both brand and generics. This just shows how successful their switch has been in terms of consolidating their strength. It is an aggressive tactic because as the majority of their spend is going into competitor brand terms, the cost of companies being position one on their own brand will become more and more expensive. Gaming is a fiercely competitive marketplace, where the slightest edge can make a huge difference to the success of a PPC campaign. Adthena’s unique competitive intelligence for search means marketers know where they stand compared to the rest of the market, and allows them to react accordingly. Horses might race wearing blinkers, but successful marketers need to see everything to get ahead of the pack.

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