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On October 17th 2018 Adthena hosted a Search Marketing Breakfast, Tis the Season to be Searching, exploring how seasonality affects digital marketers throughout the year. The event explored how to plan for the unexpected events that occur throughout the year, what you need to think about in the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, and why data is so important to running seasonality campaigns.


Expecting the Unexpected

Anuj Sharma, VP of Customer Success, Adthena

During his presentation, Anuj shared some examples of recent, predictable events that had unpredictable outcomes:

  • England reaching the semi-finals in the Russia World Cup – pubs ran out of carbon dioxide
  • Sponsors of Love Island – the need to protect their investment from competitors
  • The extra hot summer of 2018 – less people booking vacations

He then went on to give a framework for how marketers can prepare for these unexpected outcomes so teams can react in real time when they appear.

Anuj’s top tips are:

  • Interrogate your data – using your own performance data, competitive intelligence and Google Trends
  • Have a protocol in place – define your approval process and have a discretionary budget in place
  • Have a comprehensive events calendar – include events that you aren’t campaigning around as they could still affect your performance
  • Review your performance – always do a postmortem to understand the impact and ROI


Paid Search Do’s and Don’ts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018

Rainelda Ozuna, Paid Media Performance Director, Greenlight

Rainelda got down to the nitty-gritty of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, using research data to impress where search marketers should focus their attention in the upcoming holiday season.

For Rainelda, mobile is the biggest area brands must get right this season, citing 62% of consumers are less likely to purchase from the same brand if they had a negative experience on the brand’s mobile website. Mobile ads must link to pages that are fully optimized for the device to avoid losing customers and maximizing ROAS.

Her top tips for a successful Cyber Weekend are:

  • Be prepared – avoid making last-minute technical changes and have your promotions calendar signed off well in advance of the event
  • Optimize – make sure your product titles and descriptions are fully optimized and your product types and categories are as granular as possible
  • Automate – there’s a wealth of rules, solutions and third-party tools that can help you to automate for maximum exposure


Panel Discussion: Tis the Season to be Searching

Petra Studholme, Head of Acquisition, Simply Business
Balj Samrai, Senior Search Planner Buyer, Mediacom
Hazell Lat, Senior Search Planner Buyer, Mediacom
Moderator: Nathalie Kouzi, Director Customer Success, Adthena

We wrapped up with a panel discussion from three titans of search who between them covered seasonality from a host of sectors: insurance, retail, FMCG, healthcare, fitness, and more.

They discussed the importance of data for running successful search campaigns, how that data may be skewed by your own influence and seeking where the demand is for your brand.

They each left us some words of wisdom:

  • Petra – Be aware of your own data. Your success could mean someone else has pulled out of the auction.
  • Balj – Plan as much as you can, but be flexible & agile!
  • Hazell – The competitors with big budgets can win in search but organic & social media channels also influence Black Friday results.

Adthena hosts Search Marketing Breakfasts every quarter in London and will be taking them on the road in 2019, to Manchester, Sydney and Austin, TX. If you would like to take part, please contact the marketing team. We would love to hear your ideas and give you a platform to share them with your peers.

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