The Top 10 ad text combinations for the Travel Industry

Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji Posted by Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji

The travel industry is highly competitive, especially in the online search market. We decided to investigate the ad copy trends with the use of the Adthena platform.

We looked at the Ad Copy catalogue to see how advertisers are using messaging. On the table below you can see the type of Call to Actions (CTAs) that they are using, punctuation among other factors.

In relation to the CTAs, looking at the graph below, the blue bar shows the percentage of ads that contain the CTA and the red bar shows the percentage of impressions and the percentage of ads that contain the CTA. These include; “book” with 54.08% in impressions, “compare” with 29.64% in impressions, and “view” with 35.43% in impressions. From this graph it is clear that ‘Book Now’ offers the best opportunity because it has the highest impression share with the lowest occurrence, meaning your ad is more likely to show.

Holiday-makers looking for value-for-money may want confirmation that what they want is the best out of the others. And might look at reviews to see what others are saying so that they can decide further whether that option is the best for them

From the table below we can see terms that have the highest frequency. From what it shows, words like “best” and “review” seem to do the best in impressions due to potential customers wanting to know that the source is credible enough to proceed to anything else.

For people who are always in a hurry, or just want a hassle-free process, using copy with large impressions like “instant” (20.43%), “fast” (19.21%) and “secure” (11.96%) as shown in the chart below could easily grab their attention.


The chart below shows the top destinations in ad copy. It shows that the UK and Paris are the best performing in occurrence and impressions. Looking at this we can see that the UK carries the most desktop impressions (20.09%) followed by Paris (14.68%).

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