How Holiday Firms can Shine with Winter Sun

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As the cold weather begins to bite and evenings start drawing in, it’s easy to daydream about getting away from it all and soaking up some sunshine. Holiday businesses have long known that smart travellers are always on the lookout for good deals, and research by holiday aggregator Skyscanner has shown that people are willing to be flexible when it comes to booking flights over the winter, looking anything from a few weeks to a few months in advance.

With that being the case, the race to bring in business over this key holiday period is already on, with travel companies promoting deals and offers designed to entice the coat-wrapped masses. We decided to look at who was capitalising on the movement as summer dwindles, and looked at who was performing best on winter sun-related keywords covering the final few months of the year and Christmas, such as cheap winter sun, winter holidays, and cheap christmas holidays.

Looking at performance on those terms from the past twelve months, we can see two main companies duelling for the biggest share of voice on the terms:

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While On The Beach holds the biggest share of voice for the majority of the year, we can see Low Cost Holidays challenge its position and take the top spot with strong growth throughout September last year, peaking in October as autumn takes hold. It remains strong throughout the end of the year, before dialling back in Christmas when a new range of offers and searches, chasing new year deals, typically begins.

While Low Cost Holidays managed to outplay the rest of the market in 2014, how are things looking this year? If we use the same set of keywords, we find a similar result:

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While On the Beach has its usual top spot at the end of August, Low Cost Holidays once again surges in September and goes on to claim the dominant share of voice by the end of the month. The chart shows that Low Cost Holidays has a clear strategy for approaching its end of year deals, and if we can look at the SERP for the term cheap winter sun, we can see why:

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Low Cost Holidays has loaded its ads with extra features, taking up as much real estate as possible with star ratings, number ratings, and separate category links. It’s an obvious choice of click for someone looking for a winter holiday, with the ad headline perfectly matching the keyword chain.

In a competitive space like travel, knowing how to tap into trends and where and when to invest your PPC budget is vital to building a successful campaign. A solution like Adthena shows how the market is moving, and where the keyword opportunities are, so marketers can take action to steer their campaigns in the right direction. When it comes to winter sun, travel firms have to get their ads out of the shadows and into the light – and Adthena can lead the way.

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