Use S.W.O.T to evaluate your PPC strategy

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The S.W.O.T analysis groups information into two categories: internal and external factors. Internal factors are split in the subcategories Strengths and Weaknesses and can generally be influenced by you; external factors, which you cannot influence, are grouped into Threats and Opportunities.

S.W.O.T is a particularly valuable tool to evaluate your PPC advertising campaigns. To get the most out of the analysis you should identify a desired objective first, either one you would like to reach in the future or one you are already working towards. Then you can use the S.W.O.T analysis to identify the factors that can help or prevent you from reaching your objective.

Internal Factors

– In which categories do you have the strongest market share?
– Which of your PPC campaigns are driving the best performance?
– What are your top performing keywords and landing pages?
– Whether seasons, days of the week or hours of the day – what are your best performing periods?


– Which of your campaigns or keywords have particularly low Quality Score?
– Where is your conversion rate underperforming, despite high click through rate?
– Are your ads well tested and relevant to their keyword group?
– Where do you spend your budget least efficiently?

External Factors


– What keyword opportunities are available to you?
– Are you making the most of the growing opportunity in mobile search
– Have you considered the latest search features, such as remarketing lists or review extensions?
– What new technology could you use to improve your account management?


– Are you affected by (not provided) keywords?
– Which areas of search are your competitors racing ahead with?
– Are there new competitors creeping up on you?
– Do you have problems with competitors infringing on your brand term?

Be realistic and identify as many factors for the S.W.O.T analysis as you can; particularly when it comes to weaknesses and threats, the more problems you can admit to today, the better you can drive and improve performance tomorrow!

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