What is Competitive Intelligence for Search?

Lorna Rose Gill Posted by Lorna Rose Gill

Competitive Intelligence for Search can be defined as knowledge and foresight of strategies in the external search environment. Market-Driven competitive intelligence solutions enable enterprises to monitor their whole market without keyword restrictions.

The ultimate goal of all competitive intelligence processes is to facilitate these unique insights into decision-making that leads to actions and measurable results. CI enables enterprises to benchmark performance, plan budgets and ultimately beat the competition. In particular, it can be used to build knowledge and foresight about:

•  Share of Voice, Spend and CPC

•  Top traffic ads and competitor testing patterns

•  Keyword performance

•  Competitors budgets, product offers and keywords

•  Brand violations

Competitive Intelligence is particularly well suited to search advertising, as observations can lead directly and quickly to measurable actions and – ultimately – drive increased customer acquisition.

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Lorna Rose Gill
Lorna Rose Gill
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