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You may have heard about Google’s plans to switch off keyword data access. We had a chat with Adthena’s Engineering Director Ben Vincent about what not provided keywords mean for your search marketing and how Adthena can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.


Q: Why are we losing keyword data?

Ben: “Google is switching search users to “secure” search. When a user is on secure search, website analytics packages (such as Google Analytics) cannot see which search term triggered the users’ website visit.

Once all users are switched to secure search, such services will have no keyword access left at all. In the meantime, keyword access is becoming increasingly limited, representing an ever smaller percentage of website visitors.

Q: How long do we have left?

Ben: “We predict you have until the beginning of 2014. The number of unprovided keywords has increased from 40% to around 80% since July.”

Q: How can Adthena access this data when Google can’t themselves?

Ben: “Basically these comes down to two unique features of Adthena. Firstly, our keyword discovery engine is not dependent on Google. At the heart of Adthena – and the beginning of any keyword monitoring – is our keyword discovery engine. We use a wide variety of observational data from all across the web to identify new keywords. Across the Adthena system an average of 10,000 keyword suggestions are generated each day.

Then once Adthena has identified which keywords to monitor, the keyword data itself is not reliant on user search data. We observe search results on these keywords up to 16 times a day, and use complex data models to predict user behaviour within these results. These models are highly adaptive – they learn from any data that Google does provide on the these terms, for example in your AdWords account. So we really do pull all the strings to uncover the data that Google are hiding!

Q: What can Adthena do with all this data?

Ben: Adthena makes estimates about the importance of particular keywords for both paid and natural search. Thus you can see what is important for both you and your competitors.


About Ben:

BenBen is a veteran search industry engineer having built arbitrage and affiliate engines as well as competitive intelligence tools with cutting edge technologies. He’s currently a founder and director of engineering for Adthena.


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