Do you know the full extent of your brand bidding problem?

Brand Market View

For advertisers looking to protect against brand bidding in PPC, or monitor their partners and affiliates, Adthena’s Brand Protection package offers you the most comprehensive audit of your branded search campaigns.

  • Define the number of top-performing brand terms you wish to monitor
  • Monitor branded keywords with hourly insights
  • Catch all instances of infringers on your core brand terms

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Capture every instance of brand bidding and infringement

No more keyword lists, Adthena uses AI and Machine Learning to monitor your Brand Market View, so we tell you the instances your brand ads are appearing and when your competitors are bidding and infringing on your brand terms.

Enjoy complete brand visibility

Protect your search investment and brand equity with an always-on brand monitoring and affiliate management offering. Adthena’s Brand Protection solution exposes 10x more trademark infringements, helping you maximize ROAS.

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Visualize your competition with Brand Radar

  • Monitor your share of impressions, clicks and spend across all your brand terms
  • Analyze brand bidding hourly, using intuitive heat maps 
  • Document and manage infringements to send to your Google Account Manager and compliance or legal officer
  • Discover new branded terms Adthena automatically generates for you

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Why Choose Adthena?

  • Get the support of an award-winning Customer Success team
  • Join our certification program to become a Competitive Intelligence Professional
  • Gain flexibility over the number of terms you want to monitor and how frequently
  • Access additional platform capabilities, such as market share and ad copy analysis
  • Pricing starts from £4,800 pa

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Brand Bidding Resources

Learn more about how Adthena data helps brands overcome their brand bidding problem with these case studies and in-depth report.


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