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Adthena is the world’s most powerful brand protection solution for search. We provide enterprise level brand monitoring and AI-powered data analysis, with scale and sophistication unmatched in the industry.

With Adthena Brand Protection you can catch all brand bidding and trademark infringements your brand is exposed to, and gain a better understanding of the impact competitive activity is having on your brand.

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Brand Market View

Adthena’s Brand Market View unites the unlimited scale and data quality of the Whole Market View, an AI-learned perspective of an advertiser’s entire search landscape, with comprehensive competitor monitoring across brand search terms.

It is the only competitive intelligence solution that monitors digital brand performance in its entirety, tracking all competitive movement and activity across protected brand terms, and not just across a small subset of search terms.

For advertisers, it means that for the first time, they can catch all brand bidding and trademark infringements, enabling them to better understand the impact these kinds of competitive activity are having on their brand.

“The solution is a slick end-to-end experience where we pull key brand information and relay it back to the C-Suite."

James Robinson Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Keep track of all competitive threats with Brand Radar

Brand Radar is a powerful dashboard that provides an instant overview of your most important brand protection metrics. Instantly gain an understanding of brand health, generate advanced data visualizations of competitor strategies, and drill down into competitive bidding activity with hour-by-hour granularity.

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Powerful hour-by-hour data granularity

Adthena Brand Protection empowers advertisers with hour by hour data granularity. Instantly see clusters of increased competitive bidding, identify patterns and trends, and isolate competitor tactics before taking further action.

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Smart Alerts & Anomaly Detection

Automatically monitor and detect every move your competition makes, so you can stay in control. Define custom rulesets and triggers so you are alerted when competitive activity reaches boiling point.

Brand Opportunity Detection and Auto Takedown (Alpha)

Identify opportunities and initiate action, with an integrated, scalable takedown process for competitive infringements. Save time, resources, and handle infringements before they become a problem.

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End-to-end, worry-free brand protection

  1. Zero set up time required: patented machine learning technology maps your search landscape quickly and easily
  2. Triage brand threats by device, date, product group, and category using AI, so you can focus on priority infringements
  3. Customize rules, alerting, and reports
  4. Monitor search terms and ad copy across competitors and affiliates
  5. Resolve issues quickly thanks to clear reports and time-stamped screenshots of every infringement
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"The Adthena Brand Protection solution solves a big brand challenge for us. At Insure and Go, we have a unique brand term, but it is also quite generic in terms of where we are in the market. Adthena makes it much easier to spot trends, so we can understand our competitors and whether they are deliberately targeting our brand, or just not being precise with their generic activity."

Foster Congrave Product and Digital Marketing Manager
Adthena guarantees results in search. Or you can have your money back.