Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

Give every ad in your search campaign a competitive edge using market-wide AI

Analyze, benchmark, and optimize all aspects of your search ads with AI-driven Campaign Optimization.

Seize every opportunity for better performance

Campaign Optimization provides the market-wide visibility you need to identify gaps, discover new opportunities, and know exactly where your campaigns stand vs. your competition.

Find every competitive edge

Exploit your competitors’ strategies to give your search ads a strategic advantage

Proactively spot gaps and competitive shifts in your market, so you never miss an opportunity or get caught off-guard

Optimize budgets and scale campaigns for better return on ad spend

Jacamo gained +32% CTR YoY and +21% sales using Campaign Optimization to discover new opportunities and reach.

“We’ve seen a large increase in clicks as a direct result of the data and insights we get from Adthena’s platform. It allows us to refine our ad copy and get better results from our campaigns.”

Andrew Johnson, PPC Manager, Jacamo

Make every campaign work for you

Whole Market View technology is always on and AI-powered, helping you immediately respond to market shifts and competitor movements

Daily benchmarking helps you monitor, analyze, and granularly optimize campaign performance vs. your competition

AI-driven categorization allows you to focus only on the most relevant product categories

Continuous ad enhancements improve your text and PLA ad performance vs. your competition using machine-learned insights on ad formats, copy, creative, and ad placements

Award-winning customer service professionals provide strategic guidance at every step of your journey

Campaign Optimization is just the beginning

For useful campaign optimization insights, blogs and guides visit our Paid Search Campaign Hub. And learn more below about our full suite of solutions that will help you maximize return on ad spend and connect with your consumers.